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Has been slipping after Kevin Pillar beaning.

Atlanta – The loss of the streak is over. But Mets’ injuries continued to increase with the spin-off rate.

Monday night’s scariest sight was the bloody image seeping from Kevin Pillar’s face at Truist Park after he was hit with Jacob Webb’s 94 mph fastball in the seventh inning. The crumpled Pillar on the ground in the powder box finally walked out of the field.

Tai Juan Walker left earlier with tightness on the left, so a 3-1 victory over the Braves that made the Mets’ three-game skid unable to fully celebrate. Before the game, the Mets put Michael Conforto and Jeff McNeill on the list of injured with a hamstring injury that helped raise IL scores for 1

1 players.

Pillar was taken to a local hospital for CT scan, according to manager Luis Rojas, a positive sign that Pillar could walk out of the field.

“Thank you everyone for contacting us!” Pillar tweeted after the game. But I’m fine. “

“This guy is a warrior,” Rojas said. “He shows up every day to play hard, and he gets up and leaves. There was no chance I thought he would be able to do that after I saw the ball hit him in the face.

Walker appeared with discomfort on the mound during the third inning. He kept the bat on his shoulder during his first appearance, a continuation of the approach he took on Wednesday at Citi Field with Matt Harvey on the mound.

Meet defensive midfielder Kevin Pillar after being kicked on the pitch on Monday.
Meet defensive midfielder Kevin Pillar after being kicked on the pitch on Monday.

Walker said his neighbors had been bothering him for “a few weeks,” but he believed the discomfort could be managed without IL restriction, but he expects to get an MRI test on Tuesday. Will provide additional information to Mets

“I was able to get past the starting point last week. But today it grabbed a bit and I couldn’t throw my best out there, so there was no point in going on and making it worse, ”Walker said.“ Today I passed. three [innings] And that’s all I have for today. ”

On three closing innings he threw for 33 pitches, Walker allowed one hit and reduced the ERA to 2.05.The right-handed threw to 0.98 WHIP in eight starts.

“We thought we might have caught it in time,” Rojas said of Walker’s tightness.

Sean Reed-Foley replaced Walker and gave the Mets a perfect three-inning shot to keep the game from scoring. It was the fourth of five goals scored by Reid-Foley, who ran between Triple-A Syracuse and Mets.

Kevin Pillar gets a fast ball from pitcher Braves Jacob Webb.
Kevin Pillar gets a fast ball from pitcher Braves Jacob Webb.
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Jeurys Familia scored seven points before Trevor May dented in eighth by surrendering a solo homer to Austin Riley for the Braves’ second-hitting game, potentially allowing Guillermo Heredia to double before retiring. Pablo Sandoval and Ehire Adrianza Edwin Diaz scored nine goals for his sixth save.

The Mets are in pain to start pitching, with Jacob DeGrom, Carlos Carrasco and Noah Zinderguard on the injured list, DeGrom is expected to open the session. Tuesday’s battle that could put him in position for a weekend comeback.

James McCann celebrates after hitting the ball in the race for the Mets.
James McCann celebrates after hitting the ball in the race for the Mets.

With Conforto and McNeil placed on IL ahead of the game with a hamstring injury, Rojas made his starting lineup that included Johneshwy Fargas on the right pitch in his major league debut.

James McCann had two hits in the seventh game bringing Tomas Nido into the first game. After Fargas lifted McCann to the third, Francisco Lindor walked and stole the second, Dominic Smith accidentally walked over to load the base. The pole was then hit in the face to force the second run.

“He got thrown and the last thing on my mind was to touch the plate in the house,” McCann said. “Our thoughts and prayers were with him for sure, and that was a horrible moment.

“You wonder if he is fine or not. The idea of ​​standing in the frame, normal people do not know how quickly the ball goes in there and how quickly you have to react. It’s just one of those things, the ball looks like it’s chasing him. ”

Fargas rubbed the RBI twice (for his first major league hit) in the eighth inning to extend the Mets’ lead to 3-0.

Braves’ starter Max Fried was taken off after six times for precautionary reasons with a cramp in his left hand. Handy allows a person to run five times with eight attacks and two walks.

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