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Hat shops sell yellow Nazi-like stars as patches. ‘Not vaccinated’

A hat shop in Tennessee has been criticized for selling patches. The “unvaccinated” model was modeled on the yellow star that Jews were forced to wear in Nazi-occupied Europe.

“[P]The brooch has arrived!!” The Instagram account of hatWRKS in Nashville was added under a photo of an unidentified woman wearing a flavorless Schötcher.

Post which was later deleted It states that the medals are $5 each and have a “strong adhesive backing.” “We will be offering truck caps soon.”

The ad was met with outrage on Twitter, with users calling for a boycott of the store.

“I can’t believe this is true,” CNN analyst Ana Navarro responded. “I like to think that stupidity, sensitivity and indifference in America are extraordinary. It is true.”

“I am ashamed to know that I have given these people business in the past. I sent people there,” wrote W. Earl Brown, actor from Deadwood. “This is vile and disgusting. They trumpets they are proud to have. I am proud to say GO F— YOURSELF I will buy my house elsewhere.”

Former senior adviser to Donald Trump AJ Delgado added that the show “Beyond disgusting”

Ivo Daalder, former US ambassador to NATO Ivo Daalder recalls: “As a young woman in Holland, My mother was forced by the Nazis to wear a yellow star to indicate that she was Jewish. It is not uncommon to sell this evil symbol to declare it unvaccinated. Where will this story end?”

The show appears to come out the same week, with Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) comparing the masked order in the House of Representatives to anti-Semitism laws under the Third Reich.

“You know, we can look back in history when people were told to wear gold stars. And they are certainly treated like second-class citizens. So much so that they were taken on a train and taken to a gas chamber in Nazi Germany,” Green told Christian Broadcasting Network̵

7;s David Brody last week. “And this is the type of abuse that [House Speaker] Nancy Pelosi is talking.”

Green doubled earlier this week while responding to stories about the growing Tennessee grocery store. “Vaccination logo” to the employee badge.

“The vaccinated employee will receive the vaccination logo. Just as the Nazis forced Jews to wear gold stars,” she tweeted. “Passports and vaccine masks create discrimination against unvaccinated people who trust their immune system against 99 per cent surviving viruses. ”

An Instagram post showing the badge on hatWRKS’s account was replaced with an unsigned message which said: “[P]People are outraged by my posts… but are you offended by the tyranny the world is experiencing?”

“[I]If you don’t understand what’s going on That’s yours, not me. [I] Show more respect for history by taking a stand against the deceased rather than offering silence and compliance,” the statement said.[T]hat is even worse [sic] crime. [I]t was & is now [I] will remove your disgust and hope you will put it where it is.”

Another post on the account is quoted by British writer David Icke with the caption, “Please don’t hate David icke Icke has been described by The 2018 Anti-Defamation League was described as a “notorious anti-Semitic conspiracy theorist” and his 1995 book “And the Truth Shall Set You Free” was described by commentator Yair Rosenberg the same year. that An anti-Semitic pamphlet written by one of Britain’s most famous anti-Semitic groups … apparently anti-Semitic that publisher Icke has refused to publish. and he had to type it himself.”

A call to hatWRKS from The Post Friday was sent to a full voice mailbox. Emails sent to businesses seeking comment were not immediately answered.

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