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Haves And The Have Nots will end after 196 episodes.

Tyler Perry

Tyler Perry
photo: Jamie McCarthy (Getty Images)

Nowadays, with so many things to watch and how to watch it, it can be difficult for anything to make an impact if not, such as 6 episodes of HBO miniseries or something new on Netflix at all. Want to make it fun.And then there are With and withoutThe original drama “OWN” is coming to an end later this year after broadcasting 196 episodes over eight seasons. veryThe credit for the longevity of the show goes to the always-famous creator Tyler Perry… You know, one more thing, even if it’s not the same. With and without (Which is a big title) is a series underdog that no one has ever watched. As reported by DeadlineThe series had an average audience of 3 million and is ranked as one of the most watched cable shows for black women.

But that will soon be the past, for once on a show which Sonia Saraiya called “Black. Downton Abbey in g AV Club Reviewed eight years ago– Going back from mid-season in May, it will air the finale of the eighth and final seasons. Oprah Winfrey, OW on OWN, said the show’s success was due to Perry’s “bright creativity and imagination”. Deadline Joking that it would have “The ending that no one has seen” Exciting! But it doesn’t seem exciting enough for Perry and OWN to hit 200 episodes. It’s not difficult to write four episodes of TV, right? C’mon Perry!

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