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Hawks vs. 76ers – Game Summary – June 6, 2021

PHILADELPHIA — — Trae Young hit Philly prematurely with the Hawks in control of Game 1 and ended the victory by throwing a tennis ball to John Collins for a one-handed jamming.

Collins punched in the air to celebrate – and the Hawk took a moment to exhale after the heavy lead was almost wasted.

“Thank God we’re 20 years old,” said the falcon’s guard, Kevin Huerter.

Young scored 25 of his 35 first-half points as Atlanta shook Joel Embiid and the hostile crowd and defeated the Philadelphia 76ers 128-124 on Sunday in the Eastern Conference semifinals opener.

“Confidence in these people is high,” Young said. “We are out playing for each other. out here fun Everyone is logged in.”

Embiid raised a sledgehammer as he returned from a one-game absence with a torn cartilage in his right knee. He walked out with WWE star Triple H to a roaring applause.

Young and the Hawks put the Sixers down to count from the jump and lead by 26 points.

The Sixers ̵

1; playing in front of the season’s biggest crowd at 18,624 – easily refused to cede the hosts and Embiid fired consecutive baskets that put them in third with 1:01 remaining.

Bogdan Bogdanovic, who missed all three games of the season with the 76ers with a knee injury. Stabilizes the hawk when he buries the 3 games that make them need breathing room

He also put his finger to his lips and shook the fairly deafening crowd.

“He’s a big shot maker,” Huerter said.

That wasn’t the only successful shot.

The Falcon made 14 of their first 18 barrels and was an attacker, grabbing their moment as enthusiastically on national television as he did in five games against the Knicks when he scored. Average 29.2 points Growing in the spotlight As for the focus on Embiid, All-Star Ben Simmons and the top Sixers, Young was a must-have player in Game 1, just as he rarely played with the ball and all eyes were on him.

The Hawks took a 17-0 run in the first half — they hit 20 3s overall — and Young shook his head and played against the Sixers and the crowd. Young bowed in front of the New York crowd who mocked him at every game. He poses in Philly – he raised his right arm high and pointed at the basket several seconds behind the footer 27 he buried to close out the first half.

“They slapped us to start the game,” 76ers coach Doc Rivers said. “They were a more physical team. They are a more aggressive team. They played harder early on.”

Danny Green couldn’t be hanged as Young’s main defender, replacing Simmons, the NBA’s defensive player of the year.

Simmons said he wanted to fire Young for the full 40 minutes and the Hawks expected a change of tactics.

“Ultimately, he will see some hot men,” said coach Nate McMillan.

Young, 6-foot-1, led the Hawks to the playoffs for the first time since 2017 and needs the pressure that comes with playing big games next season in a big market.

A fan of Knicks spat at Young during the first episode of the series. In Philly, he heard, “Tre, bald! Trae bald!” The chants dimmed with 3 pointers each. He hit 3s four times and had 10 assists. He waved to fans with a 3 in the third quarter, cutting off a small Sixers run.

Embiid responded to the question of whether or not he wouldn’t play as he walked out to suggest a pregame t-shirt match with star wrestlers — Triple H’s D-Generation X side was Embiid’s favorite — and gave the house a packed. go with Fierce as he held a sledgehammer over his head.

Embiid made his part with 39 points and nine rebounds in 38 minutes after he injured a small lateral meniscus in his right knee on Monday against Washington Embiid, who sat down for Game 5, the clincher did. grimaced at the hawk and hit the ground hard as he charged at Collins and fouled him.

“Playing the meniscus is not easy,” Embiid says. “The pain will be there. that’s normal It’s a matter of management.”

Tobias Harris had 20 points, 10 rebounds, Simmons scored 17 and struggled again from the free-throw line, going 3/10.

Bogdanovic and Collins each scored 21 points for the Hawks.

Game 2 is Tuesday in Philadelphia.

The Sixers did a simple job. of Washington in five games and with home ground throughout the Eastern Playoffs. Dating Brooklyn also seems to be on the cards, Sixers fans shouting “we need Brooklyn” when they won Game 5 last week.

But they forgot about Trae.

Just 14-20 when the Hawks fired coach Lloyd Pierce on March 1, the Hawks were 33-12 since then. They had the best record in the East after McMillan took over and Young said he was unhappy with just one win.

The Sixers made them work in a furious fourth place – but the Hawks continued and gave Atlanta sports fans something to feel good on Sunday.

“Everything is for the birds,” Young said. “What we care about is victory.”


FALCON: F. DeAndre Hunter, sitting with a right knee injury … Young becomes the second player in NBA history to score 30 points in each of the first four play-off-road games in NBA history. His career he joined Kareem Abdul-Jabbar from the Milwaukee Bucks 1970… The Hawks scored a franchise playoff high for any half score (74) and their 13 3-pointer in the first place. It’s the team stats for the playoff half.

76ers: A terrible team. 24 of 35 from the free throw line…missed 19 of 29 3-pointers.


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