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HBO announces the 10th anniversary of Game of Thrones.

Game of thrones

Game of thrones
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April 17th It’s been 10 years since you first borrowed someone’s HBO credentials (and / or logged in to someone Shameless website) To see the first episode of Game of thronesIt has been a full decade since all the happy Stark kids all had adorable cuddly wolf puppies, a decade since Sansa saw the lovable Joffrey Baratheon for the first time and a decade. At Jaime Lannister, he considers what he does for love with love. To celebrate this occasion and may be to remind the audience that there was a time when Game of thrones HBO is highly acclaimed internationally, HBO has announced a month-long event called The Iron Anniversary, featuring HBO Max’s shows, “MaraThrone” on HBO (playing a “Marathon”) and awards. Some special A bonus for “Westeros Married” people. Finally Game of thrones The wedding will bring up something other than intestinal knives and confusing questions from your relatives (“Isn’t that an incest show?” birth Dragons, and yes, there was incest too)

HBO Max things are associated with files. Game of thrones “Spotlight Pages” with a curated collection of episodes, Easter egg recommendations and behind-the-scenes videos and cast interviews, and there will be some charity challenges involved in trying to watch the entire Sea. Sun The episode collection seems to be based on viewing the episodes in different sequences, for example if you want to see Daenerys’ storyline or you only like the epic battle scenes. Meanwhile, MaraThrone will premiere on HBO2 on April 10 and will stream every episode of the series.

You can check out the teaser for the Iron Anniversary event below (but it’s actually just the 40-second highlights for the show).

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