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‘He is part of everything we do’

Stephen King has published over 60 novels and 200 short stories, selling over 350 million copies in the process. including favorites like Carrie (1974), The Shining (1977), stand (1978), it (1986), adversity (1987), The Green Mile (1996), sleep doctor (2013) and outsider (2018).

But people are generally not famous. Lisey’s storyKing’s 2006 novel is about a widow who has to deal with the aftermath of the death of her best-selling author husband. which, of course, is associated with the usual supernatural prosperity of the author. which he called his favorite

It’s safe to assume that producers JJ Abrams and Julianne Moore have highlighted the responsibility of adapting the novel to a new eight-episode series on Apple TV+.

“It was personal because it was made during a difficult time for him,” Abrams told Yahoo Entertainment. During a virtual press conference for the series (see above) in 1

999, King suffered multiple serious injuries when a distracted driver in a minivan plowed into him as he walked through the neighborhood. His Maine “His wife Tabitha is reorganizing her office. He came back and saw his office. made him wonder ‘What if I die? What will happen to Tabitha and me, my work and my life?’ I thought in writing this book. He had to go through many problems that he had to face after the accident.

“When he reached out and asked if we’d be interested in building it. I’m excited But I was nervous too knowing how much it meant to him.”

Julianne Moore, Lisey's Story (Image: Apple TV+)

Julianne Moore in Lizzie’s story. (Image: Apple TV+)

It helped King tell Abrams (who he worked with Hulu’s before). 11.22.63) that he would adapt his own books for the screen — rare for a writer to see dozens of his works get the Hollywood treatment.

In an interview with Yahoo Entertainment in 2017, King told us he was “holding on”. Lisey’s story to make sure any adjustments are correct. Lisey’s story Make it into a TV series or a limited-time series,” he said. “I’ve always loved that book. And I really thought that I got the most from that book and it was overlooked.”

“He was a partner throughout the process,” said Oscar-winning actress Moore, who plays Lisey. A woman battles her husband’s (Clive Owen) fan as she explores the idea that the legendary alternate universe he Just kidding while he was alive might actually exist.

“The first person I spoke to after saying I wanted to do this was Stephen. I remember walking around The living room talked to him on the phone and thought. ‘I can’t believe I’m talking to Stephen King, this is crazy!’ and he was there all the time. He was there on set. He was there on the first day. He has done nothing but cooperation, encouragement and appreciation and contact with all of us … He is part of everything we do.”

Lisey’s story Streaming on Apple TV+ Watch a trailer:

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