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Hear Pink Floyd Play ‘Animals’ and ‘Wish You Were Here’ at the 1977 Show

According to Roger Waters, Pink Floyd was long-awaited. animal The box set is finally coming out in the near future. The last sticking point seems to be in the middle of everything. Roger Waters wanted to include an essay by British journalist Mark Blake, while David Gilmour wanted the series to come out without a note. him to clear the way for the boxset.

Details on the set have not yet been released. but will include the new stereo and the 2011 5.1 mix. dark side of the moon The Immersion Box Set consists of six discs and includes demos, live footage and concert recordings from that period. Producers may have a hard time putting together a concert record for this. animal One because the band hadn̵

7;t officially recorded or filmed anything on that tour.

“The problem is that we have just entered a period where everyone is paranoid about bootleggers. And we don’t play tapes,” said Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason. Rolling Stone In 2018, “It was great that we did Pink Floyd at Pompeii, but I’m sorry we never filmed and recorded. dark side, animal or hope you are here Really show …[From[Fromthe[จาก[Fromtheanimal Moment]Nothing good at all. It’s just a mixed monitor and so on. We should do it all properly filmed and recorded.”

This is especially sad since Floyd’s In the Flesh tour in 1977 was perhaps the ’70s greatest stadium show, if not of all time. It starts with a plane flying over the heads of the audience and presents the complete performance of animal and hope you are here. There are several playoff shows. But most of it sounded gruesome due to the limitations of amateur recording equipment at the time.

The best is from a group performance on May 9, 1977 in Oakland, California, which you can hear here. In addition to the complete display of animal and hope you are hereincluding “Money,” “Us and Them,” and “Careful With that Ax, Eugene.” The band hasn’t played the latter since 1974, and they’re never playing again.

The sound quality is not impeccable. But it’s good enough to include in animal box set, especially if Floyd’s engineers can handle a master tape. Hopefully they can find a way to do that. This record is history. and deserves to be heard widely

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