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‘Heels’: Premiere Date Set for Stephen Amell’s Starz Series – Trailer

Starz is stepping into the independent professional wrestling arena with a new drama. Heels And we got the first look at the training brothers transforming into wrestlers in the first teaser of the series.

Created and written by Michael Waldron (Rick and Morty Loki), Heels It is scheduled for a premiere Sunday August 15 at 9 / 8c the following series. “Promoting family wrestling as two brothers and a rival (ArrowStephen Amell as Jack Spade and Vikings “Alexander Ludwig is the ace brother) waging war over his late father̵

7;s legacy.” Read the official description, “In the arena, someone has to play a good guy, and someone has to play a nemesis. Their But in the real world, those characters can be hard to live… or hard to leave. ”

In the example released on Sunday (Buried above) We get a first glimpse of Jack and Ace – “Tales as Old as Time” – as the brothers reflect the father’s creation and consider their own direction in life. The clip features a battle of fights, neck catches, and high-flying flight and off-rope movements, including long-haired Chris Bauer (Real blood) Play a killer stache sport

The supporting actor is Alison Luff (New AmsterdamAs Jack’s wife Staci Spade, who struggles with her emotional bet, has invested in their fight goals. Mary McCormack (West wingAs Willie Day, Jack’s business partner and the logistics brains behind local wrestling organization Kelli Berglund (Apocalypse now) Play the role of Crystal Tyler, Ace’s courier and love interest. Allen Maldonado (Final OG) Play as Rooster Robbins, one of the circuit’s best wrestlers with nothing to prove.Two-time Super Bowl champion James Harrison plays Apocalypse, a genre that lives all around without the illusion of fame. Or glory And Bauer plays Wild Bill Hancock, a former wrestler who is now a top professional scout.

Mike O’Malley (Shameless) Serves as a producer and actor with Peter Segal (The remorse of the survivors) On board as Co-EP and Director

Watch the trailer by hitting PLAY on the video above, then tell us if you’re going to ride the loudspeaker this August.

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