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Here are seven Google I / O events you want to watch.

Google pushed the schedule for Google I / O yesterday.Of course, we may see the list of events constantly changing – Google wants to keep things secret until it’s announced – but there are still two must-see events. Three items I have looked at all of the lists, and while you should keep that schedule open for additions, here are my suggestions.

Before I dive in, I’d like to point out that developers should totally ignore this list.Google I / O is a developer conference and most of the discussions are related to technical topics. If you want to keep up with Kotlin’s latest changes or TensorFlow tweaks to make better apps, some of the things we’ve pointed out can be a little too high ̵

1; you know what you should look at. And if not, look for more words, languages, or ideas you might want to learn, and maybe check out Top 12 Tips to Prepare for Android 12 and Optimize Your Android Games and Apps to Run on the Chrome Operating System. Our list is for ordinary people and Google gadget enthusiasts.

No fireside chat this year – sorry.

On the note, this year’s schedule feels a little weird.For example, Google confirmed to us that chatting was not planned on Android this year, and AMA typically took its place. Most of the interesting art or cultural talks also disappeared. (I really love these.) I think it’s possible, if not seriously feasible, the schedule might change and events may be added later, but Google might be deliberately downing a few things due to the remote nature of I / O this year, in the meantime, Google’s naming strategy for having a general impact talk makes things look redundant.

This is a huge list that you cannot miss. Whether you’re a developer, root and ROM enthusiast, or just a guy with phones and you’re pretty sure there’s no Apple on the back, Google has a few things to say here that make the news. This is the ultimate overview, and not just the state of Google’s apps, services, and products – where most of the big announcements happen.

It won’t be like this But it is still the number 1 talking place to watch.

There will be a lot more information coming from Google’s three-day event, and many small chats and chats are surprisingly fruitful when Googler suddenly stops announcements or changes in the middle. But this is a choreographed and fully scripted event. Which Sundar Pichai often makes a big change

It’s 1:00 PM ET on May 18, and if you’re only watching one from Google I / O, watch this.

I know most of this talk will be about non-developer supervisors. But it’s still worth a look.Google sometimes cuts down on this big shift in this technical brief, even explaining the impact in simpler terms – almost as if the company timed out on the usual keynote.

It tends to be less dense in terms of big announcements than the main ones, and most of the changes are technically smaller or more. But if history is any indication, it’s still worth tweaking at 3:15 p.m. ET on May 18.

Most of the non-mainstream events involving Android at a high level are mentioned. “What’s new in” There’s at least one thing you should tweak: what’s new in Android, although it’s mostly technical. But there are also some interesting details for users at times, and Chet Haase (one of the presenters) is always a fun character.

The show starts at 4:30 PM ET on May 18 and lasts just over half an hour.

If you’re willing to join (or experience) more technical stuff in this fun fact finding, we’ve got a “What’s New” talk to introduce, like what’s new on Android TV and Google TV, What’s new in Android for. Cars, what’s new in foldable, tablets and big screens, and what’s new in Google Play, but separately then there are four more that we recommend.

It’s hard to measure the success of Wear OS on the market, but basically it gets a lot of hate. But a few talks at this year’s I / O show that we may see some big changes when it comes to the platform, apparently starting with the Wear OS name change. may Just “Wear” moving forward.

It might just simplify the title on Google’s part, so don’t plan on making the change just yet. But the description looks like a name change might be coming, and this isn’t the first time. It started life as Android Wear and has held its current name since 2018, thanks to frequent criticism and rumors about Pixel watches that remain unclear.A rebranding may be planned to avoid the negative press of it. Previous name But whether it’s Wear OS or Wear anyway, the “Now is the time: What’s New with Wear” talk will be on-demand, available anytime and anywhere. may Nice to see.

We know big changes are coming to Android’s user privacy, and what’s new in Android privacy is about it. It is a private house that has been developed over the past few years. But we expect it to appear in Android 12 eventually, given that Google has a habit of announcing important features for Android that’s coming to the I / O, there’s a good chance we’ll hear about them during the keynote – and bore it. Deep change during this talk

With the attention that mobile platforms and privacy are finally on ad tracking (And well deserved) After Apple’s big move in iOS 14.5, here’s one quote I’ll have to look at. Of course, most of them will focus on developers. But some topics and ideas will be self-evident whether you speak Kotlin or not, and you can tweak them anytime.

Likewise, we know that Google is in the process of redesigning a massive “Material NEXT” for Android’s trademark image language, things are in the works right now and the Android 12 developer preview brings some expected changes. It will take place in our early days with Android 12 news expected to arrive at I / O.The transitive features will indicate that Google may have taken this time to reveal the Material NEXT design paradigm to the world – although I may Aphorisms may not be subject to all new names like that.

Materials are an ever-changing set of standards, and the “next” should only indicate recent changes. But whether you’re a developer interested in maintaining a stock-compatible look, or a enthusiast just like a well-designed app, I’ll tune in to this app at 13: 3pm on May 19 and takes just 15 minutes.

I know this might not sound obvious, but it can Interesting.Google has a talk plan that claims to experience a new look and feel for widgets in Android 12.So far, we haven’t seen any big changes outside the rounded corners and so new conversation widgets. So it sparked the imagination: what might Google have planned?

On top of that, the topics listed in the talk’s description indicate that the widget will either have new effects or will be affected by Google Assistant as well, that’s all pretty curious, and I’m not quite sure if. What will happen, so this is near the peak of Mine The show to watch and it should be yours too.

It’s on-demand, so you can watch anytime.

Android Police Alumni Liam Spradlin is may The world’s best software interface designer behind Matías Duarte – we’re not biased. But somehow, clearly Whether you believe it or not (you should), he has a fun on-demand session on big screen app design, if for no other reason unless you have a precise vocabulary under your hat. Where do you explain why android apps on tablet are still moderate? And our readers who are developers should pay attention to what they have to say. It’s also on-demand, so you don’t have to plan your schedule.

There will be more to my schedule than these talks, and there are a few things I just want to know about external coverage at Android Police, such as “identifying and solving everyday problems with machine learning”. And AMA: #AskMaterial Some of our readers considering developing the app may consider a meeting event such as Women in Voice Meetup. [email protected] en Google I / O and Women Techmakers community Meetup (no link from the schedule page for some reason).

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