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Here’s a first look at Mark Cuban’s podcasting platform Fireside.

Last month, The Verge Breaking news about Fireside, the new app from Mark Cuban and Falon Fatemi, which promises to deliver the “next generation podcast platform” and today we can give you a better feel of the functionality and the internet. App interface It’s currently in beta on iOS, with a limited number of testers, most of whom appear to be working in venture capital firms or podcasts. However, anyone can see their chats, even non-users, through a browser and from this desktop view, including a screenshot of the app that The Verge By looking at it, we can get a sense of what Fireside is trying to achieve.

Basically, the app is best described as a cross between Spotify̵

7;s Anchor software and Clubhouse, although it prioritizes live chats like Clubhouse, but it tries to make off-wrist conversations sound more professional. Intro music welcomes people into a room, which is a nice touch. But it doesn’t translate as during the edited podcast. At the moment, the song was so disjointed and out of place

The broad focus, at least on the conversations taking place in the app, seems like Fireside can help podcasts monetize their work through special discussions or in some cases by inviting them. At Fireside to do podcasts The app fosters more audience engagement than Clubhouse, where users can respond to conversations without being on stage and can type in comments or questions.

Creators in the app say they’ve heard that the app will allow them to host and publish through RSS feeds to Spotify, Apple Podcasts and other podcast players too, which is more in line with Anchor. Clubhouse, one of the chat creators, said they plan to use Fireside as a hosting solution.

By looking at the desktop view, a user’s profile will include their photo, history, and follower / follower count.You can also view the rooms the user is hosted as well as the rooms they have joined, the app will save. Chats natively so you can listen to these past chats right on your desktop. The app seems to assign emojis to archived chats, although it’s unclear how they chose.

After tapping chat, you can press play to chat. You’ll immediately notice a song like Hold at the start, which comes from a Fireside bot called waitBOT. The bot says it plays “cozy tunes for you while you wait for others to join.” You can also see a description of the event in chyron format at the bottom of the screen, including information such as the number of people listening and who is hosting.

The “Jump” button allows you to jump to the highlighted part of the conversation which the host chooses. As the speaker changes throughout the conversation, you’ll see their profile picture and name. The handheld speaker is the moderator while the crowned speaker hosts. Moderators and hosts can automatically mute people and welcome people into the stage.

The gavel icon represents a moderator.

The adaptation to live chat from desktop is slightly less subtle than recorded chats. You can see only the icon and name, as well as the number of people listening. When other people’s microphones are on, their images are fully opaque, and when muted, their images are transparent.

From the app itself, which The Verge As seen in the screenshots, users can “respond” to conversations with emoji and sound effects. For example, people can clap their hands in recorded conversations and fix a problem Clubhouse users encounter: a room that is quiet and has no way of measuring how it ends up what they’re saying.

Audience members can also choose an emoji and type comments without joining the conversation directly. These comments and emojis will appear over the participants’ heads as thought bubbles. The moderator or host can then type in a response or comment during the chat.

If participants do Want to join a live chat, can request to join the stage by tapping on the microphone emoji and submitting a written request.

View of Fireside Live Chat

For now, this is Fireside’s best view. Fatemi declined to comment on this and we have no better understanding of when the app will be released to the public. We will update this story if we learn more.

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