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Here’s the Celtics timeline for Jayson Tatum and others to return.

On Tuesday, the NBA announced that a third game in a row for the Boston Celtics will be postponed due to the COVID-19 protocol, a match against Orlando Magic on Wednesday.

The Celtics are now forced to push back games against Magic, the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat due to positive test results and a follow-up follow-up to follow. Boston is scheduled to compete in Orlando again on Friday.

Will they have enough players? We cannot predict anyone who may have tested positive or will be forced to be in detention in the future. But we can make a knowledgeable guess about when players currently quarantined can return under the league’s COVID protocol.

Jayson Tatum

Tatum tested positive on Friday, according to Globe̵

7;s Gary Washburn, according to reports.He has no symptoms.

Tatum went into isolation immediately and had to be quarantined for 10 days, according to the league’s COVID protocol.Because he had been tested positive, he would not be allowed to exercise during the quarantine, despite the isolation. After he cleared the quarantine, Tatum would have to undergo a two-day exercise review before returning to court as long as he was asymptomatic. If he has symptoms or is hospitalized, Tatum will need to undergo a three-day check-up of exercise before he returns.

If Tatum is still asymptomatic, he can start exercising individually again on Tuesday. But two more days should still get him through next Wednesday’s Celtics game against the Philadelphia 76ers.

J. Lane Brown

Brown was sidelined for dealing with Tatum as part of the league’s contact tracking protocol. As of Tuesday evening, it was not clear if Brown had tested positive. If not, his first contact should be pursued since Friday.Kevin Durant has been forced into a seven-day quarantine for follow-up of a contact. If Brown continues testing negative, he will be available again on Saturday.

Semi Ojeleye

As with Brown, Ojeleye’s follow-up of correspondence began Friday. If he’s not tested positively, he can come back on Saturday.

Javonte Green

In addition to Brown and Ojeleye, Green was ruled out for following up with Tatum and could be made available again on Saturday if he returns to test negative. He has now been forced into quarantine due to two health and safety measures this season.

Robert Williams

Williams tested positive. But asymptomatic, which means his trajectory should be the same as that of Tatum. Williams appeared to be testing positive on Thursday, when the Celtics indicated he was “suspicious” in the injury report due to health and safety protocols. (It is assumed that the Celtics are waiting for a second positive test that explains the “questionable” designation).

Due to the two more days of follow-up exercise required for asymptomatic players with a positive test, Williams will not be available this weekend. If his positive test is Thursday, his second moderated workout will be Tuesday, which could theoretically clear him before Wednesday’s game. Sure enough, Williams felt good enough to play.

Grant Williams

Williams was cut due to a follow-up to contact with Robert Williams (according to Gary Washburn, both Grant and Robert Williams, including Tristan Thompson, were revealed in the car. With Edwards Carsen) If Grant Williams doesn’t test positive and if Robert Williams’ positive test is true on Thursday, Grant can be made available again on Friday when the Celtics are scheduled to take part. Orlando Magic

Tristan Thompson

Like Grant and Robert Williams, Thompson was sentenced to suspect on Thursday and then left on Friday due to follow up with correspondence. Like Grant Williams, he can be available on Friday, which gives the Celtics a list.

Unnamed player

We don’t know who the last player was or they left due to a positive test or follow up on correspondence. It is, however, speculated that the last player was not part of Tatum’s follow-up contact as the Celtics were prepared to play Sunday’s game against the heat with him. (Whoever it is) in the lineup On Monday afternoon, an unnamed player was eliminated, which was forced to postpone Tuesday.

If we consider the player testing positive on Monday and asymptomatic, the best scenario for a return is January 24.If a player is eliminated due to contact follow-up and continues to test negative, he will be back. Times on January 19.

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