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‘Home Economics’ Might Be ABC’s Next Great Family Sitcom

gBC may find its next big family comedy, and its secret weapon is the man best known from a big graffiti show.

home economicsThe Wednesday premiere begins with a simple premise: The three siblings, each with very different incomes, guide their complex financial relationships to maintain family ties. As a sweetheart of Eric Forman That’s a 70s show.Sticking to the new series is Tom Hayworth, brother, the impossible wet blanket Jimmy Tatro, who is best known for his side-turning while Dylan Maxwell drew on. American VandalPlay the role of Connor, Tom̵

7;s insanely wealthy brother, while Caitlin McGee plays their eldest sister Sarah, who recently lost his job, struggling financially. (You can tell because the apartment she shared with her wife Denise was cramped and painted in dark green for the most boring.Plus, their car had rolling windows.)

It’s interesting to see the series premiere on ABC about a decade after the network launched Emmys leaders. Modern family. Although it debuted during the global financial slump in 2009, the sitcom-style scoffers. (Which is especially popular with wealthy audiences) centers around the recession-resistant Pritchett family and has become a credible hit by critics and audiences for years. Mod FamThe reign of this type of sitcom seemed to be in line, at least it aired until the 2016 election of Donald Trump sparked a renewed interest in the working class.

Unlike Pritchetts home economics‘Hayworths has to think about money. As Tom, a struggling novelist, struggles to get a loan from his ill-fated brother, Sarah scoffs at the idea that their ultra-wealthy brother quarantines at his old mansion in Seattle, where his pool boy became a TikTok influencer, the show tackled the same level of tension with light touch and cleverly applied its type of identity to add to that conversation. These frustratingly awkward humor and humanity at first were sparked with promises, largely thanks to the actor’s easy chemistry, who all seemed to have perfectly understood the assignment.

It’s hard to imagine anyone other than Grace, who is executive producer and actor – playing Tom with such cute and nasty twist (“I won a very promising debut novel. At the very end of the 2009 Nantucket Book Festival that wasn’t fantasy or science fiction, ”Tom said at one point,“ I think I could manage toast at the wedding. ”) Like Eric Forman, Tom. Be kind A little finicky and extremely insecure. His wife Marina, played by cheerful Carla Souza, is a retired lawyer who, despite the family’s financial troubles. But most of her time spent listening to this murder podcast and wondering if she should return to work (I mean … maybe?!), The two shared a daughter, Camila, and a baby twins. one

McGee, meanwhile, comes across a funny note right as an older, out-of-work sibling who wants to prove she still knows best. (Even if she doesn’t) Writers Michael Colton and John Aboud also know exactly what they have in support of player Sasheer Zamata, who plays Sarah’s wife Denise, a top-notch astrologer who is passionate about. Astrology who wants her daughter-in-law to chill Most of their children, Kelvin and Shamiah, spent time roasting Sarah when her antics were off.

But it was Tatro who, in each of the three episodes intended for review, reliably escaped the show. The actor’s charisma ensures that his central character, who loves nothing more than reminding people that he bought his stately home from Matt Damon, is too shy to hate. have

It never hurts Connor, either, as we learn early on divorce – forcing him to reevaluate his life and think boring things like what he called Tatro never take his eyes off. The heart of his innocent character, which makes scenes as if one of his characters desperately sang his sad song to Flo-Rida’s strangely charming song “Low”, as if they were cringeing.

The series follows a series of chapters as Tom secretly turns his family’s story into a book. Tom’s subtitles are thankfully thin, which prevents familiar mechanics from overtaking the series. It’s unclear how long we’ll have to wait before Tom reveals his plans to the family – but based on an investment that he seems to keep secret, it seems inevitable that the calculations will come. Hopefully, whenever a large group finds out, Connor doesn’t get too angry. He only lent Tom to borrow a lot of money to keep his family on the edge.

It is unclear how long we will have to wait before Tom reveals his plans to the family. But from an investment that he seems to be keeping secret, it seems inevitable that the calculations will come.& rdquo;

Which may lead us to one weak link of the series: Although Souza is most active, Marina feels undeveloped. It’s unclear why, due to the family’s money issues, the retired attorney has not seriously considered returning to her duties. The series nods to Souza’s Mexican roots by having her husband on TV in both English and Spanish with a bilingual daughter and by showing her daughter-in-law greets her in Spanish – But we know little about Marina, aside from her legacy and clarity, the drinking problem (while wearing Marina’s only phone card, it becomes a parade of never-ending wine glasses in her hand, a figure. That wears out and slows down quickly) Hopefully in the coming episodes, Souza will have more interesting work to do.

Sarah and Denise’s children can also be under a complicated light. Although many of the jokes felt natural, Sarah, for example, insisted that she was not interested in astrology, while Denise replied, “That’s what ‘Capricorn’ has to say a lot” – another jokingly, for example, when your kids ask your cousin what pronouns her doll uses. Felt a little sharpened Overall, however, the two became the most intriguing couple in the series, and McGee and Zamata easily equalized, especially when their characters speak of their cultural values. Say yes to set

Now it’s impossible to tell if this charming sitcom will be popular with older generations. Modern family. But exploring soft-focus classes felt like a prolific starting point for the sitcoms that aired in 2021 and the casting that was niche. But flexibility and focus on the heart feel right with money.

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