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Hong Kong Bars British Tourists Over Delta Variant Concerns

Hong Kong will suspend all passenger flights from the UK from July 1, the government said on Monday. In reference to the spread of the more severe Delta coronavirus variant in the UK. which will be reclassified as “Very high risk”

Those who have been in the UK for more than two hours will be barred from boarding passenger flights bound for Hong Kong. officials said

“There are cases imported from the UK involving different strains of the virus. has continued for the past few days,” the official said. According to the Hong Kong government news agency

The restriction is the second time Hong Kong has suspended flights from the UK. After the outbreak of dangerous variants in December Authorities have banned passengers from entering. This left many Hong Kong residents extremely angry and confused as they tried to return home.

Those restrictions were lifted in May.

The UK is currently struggling with increasing infections. There has been a 109% increase in cases in the past 14 days, although patients are still only a fraction of the winter peak. According to the New York Times database Experts say This increase is likely linked to the highly prevalent delta variant. which is spreading rapidly in other countries as well

The World Health Organization says the variant is likely to become the most dominant strain in the world.

on monday Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez has also announced new restrictions for visitors from the UK. They must show a negative coronavirus test or proof of full vaccination to enter the country.

In Hong Kong, restrictions for passengers traveling from Brazil, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines and South Africa will remain the same.

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