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Honk if Helen Mirren and Vin Diesel should kiss in ‘F9’

Fire up a petition. Notify the lobbyist. With the making of the 10th “Fast and Furious,” I had a more coveted suggestion: Vin Diesel and Helen Mirren had to kiss.

This was my main takeaway from watching the latest installment, “F9,” where Mirren, 75, and Diesel, 53, team up to chase cars and show more chemistry than any other duo in the film. he smiles at her And Diesel was delighted to see Mirren win an Oscar as her partner in that scene. At the end of the sequence As her queen drives Dom Diesel’s Toretto hits the streets of London. I couldn’t help but hope that she would lean back and persecute our hero.

So why not? In the previous Fast movie, Diesel kissed another Oscar winner, Charlize Theron. Imagine a kiss that could be designed if more Best Actress winners were persuaded to join the franchise: After Mirren, maybe we could get Diesel in a romance with Frances McDormand! (Of course, Michelle Rodriguez’s Diesel series flames will leave a hall through for that.)

Sometimes you have to be the changer you want to see in the world. That’s why I set up a video chat with Mirren this month to feature this character directly paired with her. Here’s an excerpt from our conversation.

Your scene with Win is the best scene in the movie. and clearly he loves you I have a note: there should be a kiss, don’t you think?

A sincere kiss would be nice, yes.

Listen, I’ll pay for that. Perhaps part of the excitement of this matchup was the win. Diesels sitting in other people’s passenger seats are extremely rare.

This is true What an honor to find myself driving him. And it’s also intimidating. Vin doesn’t make it look scary — he’s simple and sweet — but the technology of this kind of filming is complicated. And it’s a world that I’m not familiar with. Having a good friend sitting next to you So I can definitely help a lot. And just hear that sound!

tell me about it

I mean, Vin has the most unbelievable sound. I was a little gooey when I heard that. The light brown rumble in your ears is wonderful to experience for a day or two. It’s like hearing the engine being refueled most incredible.

You get along well with the bald star action scene — Win. Jason Statham (especially in “Hobbs & Shaw”), Bruce Willis (“Red” and other movies). Is there something about you that plays well with the stoic hero type?

There may be! First of all, I come into these things with great respect for these people. Because what they do is quite different from everything I have done in my career. The commitment and in-depth knowledge of how these films work is impressive. I always felt that I could learn from them. Maybe it’s true that I really have a lot of respect that makes everything successful But I think it’s great.

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Still, your feelings for Vin are cut off.

I think we’re opposites on almost every level. But at the same time there was a great mutual respect that went both ways. I also met Win’s lovely mother. And I think there was something there too: He was very close to his mother. And she clearly loved her. She was lovely, sweet and very gentle. not like Win But he loves her so much!

And your character seems to love Vin, or at least feel some love for him. I’m thinking about the last sentence you sent him as he got out of your car: “Don’t get yourself killed, okay? You are my favorite American.”

He’s not my favorite American, Win. My favorite American is my husband, Taylor Hackford. My next favorite American is my stepson. but after that Win

This is your third film in the franchise following “The Fate of the Furious” and “Hobbs and Shaw,” but the first to get you into a real car chase. What is the holding?

Oh my god that’s why I want to act in a movie! in fact They wrote me a cute scene. And I was part of the character creation in the first place. I want her to be called Queenie. And coming from that kind of East End family I know a little bit, but I mostly wanted to get behind the wheel and that certainly didn’t happen with two movies. However, they made it work for the movie. which is great

Do you lobby for that scene every time they bring you back?

I use it as it comes. And I sobbed a little and groaned and laughed and that was fine.

And you really have to shoot the sequence in London, right?

The fact that I’m on the real streets of London my hometown It’s something unusual for me. Seeing Win in context was surreal. The elegance and familiarity of London and Win are so contradictory! But I’m really excited that this sequence takes place in central London. And I can’t believe they closed the mall to get to the palace. I’m sure the Queen has to go out with binoculars. Don’t you think watching everything from the top floor bedroom window: “Oh my god, what are they doing?”

Or say “Mirren again?”

“Miren again? Will that woman leave me alone?”

How long does it take to shoot?

Three or four days I was involved. And of course there are some great stunt driving that is obviously an experienced driver. I’m a big supporter. Coincidentally, the stunt man won an Oscar. I think there should be a category for this because the involvement of stunt performers in many movies these days is enormous and extraordinary.

Your cinematic family expands quite a lot in the series, with Jason Statham, Luke Evans and Vanessa Kirby playing your children. Have you ever thought about who would play your ex-husband?

I don’t know if I can say it But apparently Vin has the idea of ​​Michael Caine. I mean, wouldn’t it be wonderful? That would be cool and perfect, let’s see.

Let’s get it out in the ether. And while we do that Let me go back two times in my first request: If a innocent kiss could be staged in the next movie. Will you open it?

with Win? Oh my god, of course I will! But if he talks to me before and after because that’s the voice I’m really out with, quite frankly

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