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Horizon Forbidden West is the most anticipated PS5 game from the new poll.

In an IGN reader poll, you chose Horizon Forbidden West as the most awaited PlayStation 5 game with over 25,000 votes, nearly half (47.9%) voted Horizon Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart in. Number two, just days after PlayStation provides an insight into Lombax’s lovely next adventure in Ratchet and Clank State of Play.

Ghostwire: Tokyo, Kena: Bridge of Spirits and Deathloop were also included, and each received less than 1

0% of the votes.

We don’t know much about Forbidden West, the 2017 sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn.The game was first revealed at Sony’s PS5 event last summer, and we’ve learned that Forbidden West will. It was released on both the PS4 and PS5, however, despite cross-release releases, Sony says games released on both platforms will be built “from scratch” for the PlayStation 5.

As of now, Horizon Forbidden West is slated for 2021.In the reveal trailer, it looks like the returning main character Aloy will be heading to the post-apocalyptic San Francisco version. If you haven’t played Aloy’s original adventure, Horizon Zero Dawn is free to all PS4 and PS5 owners as part of PlayStation’s Play at Home program until May 14.

As for other high-profile PS5 games, Returnal was released on PlayStation 5 last week and we call it ‘Great’ in our Returnal review. A run that can last more than two hours

For more information, check out how each PlayStation studio is doing it. Or read about Horizon’s latest crossover with Fortnite.

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