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Horizon Forbidden West’s Aloy Looks Different & Fans Divided

Horizon Forbidden West has received a major graphical overhaul since its 201

7 predecessor, making fans notice that Alloy looks different.

western forbidden horizon It’s one of the most awaited games for the PlayStation 5, but some fans thought Aloy looked a little different in the latest gameplay reveal and wasn’t sure how to feel about it. western forbidden horizon The protagonist has a notable change. This caused a rather hot discourse on social media over the weekend.

western forbidden horizon The gameplay was first revealed last week during the PlayStation State of Play surprise show. The event showcased some stellar graphics. Emphasizing the power of the PlayStation 5, even when the game was released on PS4, it is clear that Guerilla Games has squeezed a lot of power out of the new console. thanks to realistic water beautiful environment and incredibly detailed character models.

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That said, some people react badly to Aloyoy’s appearance. western forbidden horizon (past comic book). Some say her cheeks look puffier. But it can still be argued that it’s only because of the lighting and camera angles. But there are still players who think the changes made to the characters have worsened. This has led to many online discussions about how important these changes are in the long term.

in any case western forbidden horizon Looks beautiful. Many have pointed out that Aloy has a very natural and realistic look. And can’t put her makeup on because she lives in a post-apocalyptic situation. Whether or not there is a truly visible difference in the Alloy models is up for debate, as it might actually be just the angle and the lighting. It would be easier to tell if there was actually a change when the game came out. But this feels like a huge debate going on during launch. Marvel’s Spider-Man In 2018, Insomniac claimed at the time that nothing had changed. with puddles that seem to have disappeared from the game And it was only a change in the light.

western forbidden horizon There’s no release date at this time, but Guerilla states that development is still in the pipeline. Sony has previously said the game is intended for a late 2021 release, but it’s unclear if that will change. not The lack of a release date looks like Sony is trying to be completely flexible and uncompromising in 2021 in case it needs to be postponed to 2022, but more to be revealed this summer.

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