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Horowitz: ivermectin censorship is COVID’s biggest story

Last week, Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister launched a $1 million grant to convince “hesitant” communities to get vaccinated with an experimental vaccine on the market. But if people are hesitant about gene therapy trials with a record number of serious adverse events in the CDC’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS), why not use the money to persuade people to take the cough medicine? Safe and effective vermectin early on. and treatment and prevention of COVID that have been certified by the FDA and the World Health Organization. For many years in other applications?

In a recent video clip from one of his forums, a caller asked Pallister about another hesitation. It was not a reluctance to vaccinate, but a “reluctance to talk about ivermectin”

; and its early treatment. The caller cited evidence about this drug, which It’s “harmless” and doesn’t risk trying. The woman who called ended her thoughts by asking him, “What are we doing with that? If not, why?”

as if to explain the caller’s point Paulister answered her question about his reluctance to talk about ivermectin by … refusing to mention ivermectin! Like a programmed robot, Pallister blinked as she asked a question. Then start answering questions by talking more about vaccines! “We are conducting research in countries that we hope can lead to better vaccines in the future. Maybe not during this wave. But when we need stimulants in the next few years,” Prime Minister Manitoba replied. He then quickly ended the conversation, put on a mask (even though he had been vaccinated) and concluded the session.

This video captures the criminal behavior of the political elite in censoring the rescue. Cheap treatments like ivermectin, even in vaccine-crazy Israel They found in a small study of 30 patients, all recovering from ivermectin use, 29 of them within three to five days. take ivermectin Delhi finds 99% reduction in cases after universal use of ivermectin While the number of cases dropped everywhere after a certain level of immunity was reached, the 99% drop from April 24 to June 7 was dramatic and steeper than anywhere else in the world after the Great Wave.

A similar incident took place in Uttar Pradesh. Currently, the number of COVID-19 cases has dropped 98% at the end of April. India’s overall decline since its peak five weeks ago was 76%, more in line with what we’re seeing in the US and Europe. As the peak wave passed and herd immunity began to drop slightly.

Fauci, though, warned that the Indian “delta” variant was more lethal and continued to push the vaccine as the only solution. in fact India’s Indian Covid Death Rate Even attaining what appears to be herd immunity. It’s just one of the seven covids. Mortality and other European countries! India’s mortality rate is lower than Israel and relatively close to that of Finland. Most of which have survived the worst virus.

And no, the secret sauce is not a vaccine. Because less than 15% of Indians get it at least once. While more than 50% of Americans and 60% of British citizens have been vaccinated once.

The secret formula is natural immunity. which is much stronger than vaccines Coupled with low cost early treatment to achieve natural immunity without the greatest risk.

Remarkably in contrast to the legal establishment in the United States, the Indian Bar Association provided Indian pediatrician Dr. Soumya Swaminathan, Chief Scientist of the World Health Organization (WHO), with a legal notice on Spreading Misinformation About Ivermectin Dr Swaminathan recently tweeted that the World Health Organization does not recommend the use of ivermectin outside of clinical trials:

Some Indian states have taken this approach to mind. In southern Tamil Nadu, newly elected governor MK Stalin Exclude ivermectin from treatment guidelines. and instead opted for the expensive and ineffective drug remdesivir. The result? Opposite Delhi The virus remained at its peak for another month and had just begun to decline at a much slower rate.

Goa State, which is also in the south. Ivermectin began to be given to all adults on May 11. The drop of 87% in four weeks is remarkable.

as well as Karnataka Another southern state adjacent to Tamil Nadu. boycotting the use of ivermectin

in Uttarakhand, another state in northern Ivermectin. The number of cases has dropped 95% since the peak.

The point is, while herd immunity appears to be the main factor. Ivermectin-based states appear to experience earlier peaks and drop more dramatically in some cases than those avoiding ivermectin. The troubling question is what these curves would look like if the WHO recommended ivermectin. before The virus began to spread and, if used early on, there were problems with religious restlessness, as was the case with vaccines. Remdesivir and the mask, we’ll never know. But we can speculate that the curve will be sharper considering the outcomes we see from those countries that were used when in the world of trouble.

Mexico sees sharp increase in cases during winter But it has been very successful in regions where ivermectin is used. Last month, Mexico Mayor Claudia Sheinbaum held a press conference in which she claimed a study found that ivermectin reduced her chances of hospitalization in her metropolitan city by between 52 percent and 76 percent.

The question everyone needs to answer is this: With all reported adverse reactions from experimental vaccines? Why would global authorities continue to push them like candy without further study? when they refused to give ivermectin the green light, with 29 randomized controlled trials approved for Efficacy with no side effects and 4 billion dosages paid for over decades?

Tracking the financial path would be a good guide to answering this question. Why is GAVI, the Vaccine Alliance, paying Google AdWords to warn against ivermectin? Why are pharma giants and big governments censoring the treatment? Every choice includes the armored research behind increasing vitamin D, vitamin C and zinc levels in itself. Those questions gave answers to Ivermectin’s censorship. According to the GAVI website, “The Gates Foundation pledged $750 million to establish Gavi in ​​1999,” and “the Foundation is Gavi’s primary partner in building the vaccine market.”

Doing all alternative treatments is one way to get involved. “Creating a Vaccine Market” is nothing like the only show market in town.

Indeed, the Wuhan Laboratory is not the biggest story of COVID. It’s a global genocide taking place in the hands of those who claim to care the most about COVID, but make sure effective treatments are not made public.

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