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Hotels open their doors to COVID-19 patients as UK hospitals expand to limit

But today the lobby has no guests and all furniture except a single table with a bottle of hand sanitizer, a box of face masks, and a notice that reads: “Coughing, sneezing, spreading germs”

A four-foot machine decorated with phrases A “Viruskiller” sounded behind an empty check-in counter.

Hotel manager Alex Palaghiu said the transition from a 4-star hotel to a temporary healthcare facility was due to the need to help the nation’s ailing National Health Service (NHS).

“We are very proud to be a part of it, so it is a great feeling to be part of something,” he said. “I believe everyone should work together to support the NHS and save lives.”


This is the first hotel in the UK to participate in this project. But if successful, it could be a prototype for transforming more of the hospitality industry’s reserve rooms, many of which are empty amid the national blockade.

Hospital beds are a valuable commodity.

The NHS is now facing an unprecedented crisis, with more coronavirus cases in hospitals than anywhere else in the increasingly infectious new strains of COVID-19 that officials say are out of control. Causing the infection rate to break records

And Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned the nation’s intensive care unit (ICU) faces a tremendous risk of being overwhelmed by the disease, which has infected more than 3.2 million people and kills 84,000.

The patient is in the final stages of separation and needs minimal care.

Hospital beds are now one of the most valuable commodities in the country. But until now, only three patients have been recuperating on the first floor of the hotel.

Hotel operators said they want health workers to send hundreds more people with COVID-19 along the way.

“The hospitality industry is closing in on, so we’re all willing to open the door and get the sick as soon as possible,” explains Meher Nawab, CEO of London Hotel Group, Part of Best Western.

There are no medical staff at the Croydon hotels to assist patients, all of whom are at the end of their separation and need little supervision.

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“For myself and my team, we are very confident that everything will go smoothly and we have created a safe environment for our employees and for premature release patients,” Palaghiu explains.

Contactless food delivery takes place three times a day and there is a 24/7 phone handling in case of an emergency.

Officers completed a video training course provided by the NHS, increased sanitation procedures, and installed air filtration systems throughout the building.

“The feeling is that we are not afraid,” Palaghiu said when asked if he and his team were reluctant to accept COVID cases.

“We have received proper training and cleaning standards are higher than before, so we are confident.”

The 4-star hotel is a short walk from the major hospital and the staff say they are desperate to provide relief for troubled doctors and nurses.

Almost half of ICU officials in the UK were found to have symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), according to a study conducted by Kings College London in the summer of 2020.Some survey respondents had thoughts of harming themselves while Others resort to the abuse of alcohol.

Officers completed an NHS training course and installed an air filter system.

Supervisors of the hotel brand said they are in touch with NHS leaders daily and look forward to seeing their availability full in the coming days.

“At Best Western, we have over 5,000 hotel rooms, other brands (hotels) approach us, and within weeks we can open 10,000, 15,000, 20,000 hotel rooms to help the NHS,” Nawab said.

As the case arises in the UK, health officials may soon accept the offer.

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