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House Impeachment Voted: Live Updates: NPR

Kevin McCarthy, House Leader, speaks in the House of Representatives.

Amanda Voisard / AP

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Amanda Voisard / AP

Kevin McCarthy, House Leader, speaks in the House of Representatives.

Amanda Voisard / AP

Republican leader Kevin McCarthy added his name to a short list of Republicans in Congress that explicitly blamed President Trump for last week’s City Hall uprising.

But seven days into Trump’s presidency, he said he would not vote for the impeachment, and said he might instead support the fact-finding commission and could be blamed for less toothed items than impeachment. But not remove the president.

“The president is responsible for Wednesday’s attacks against Congress by rioters,” McCarthy said during the riots publicly and personally, calling on President Trump to call for peace.

While McCarthy criticized Trump’s role in the violence last week, he joined most of his political parties and vetoed the endorsement of Trump’s demanding college election results and is. The focal point of the rioters’ anger

McCarthy, previously thought to be a potential Trump chief of staff, also downplayed the misguided conspiracy that Antifa and the left are responsible for the violence.

“Some say the Antifa riots,” McCarthy said, there is absolutely no evidence and conservatives should be the first to say that. “

And yet, it is prevalent in right-wing groups and in some conservative media, even though thousands of people in the country are watching television marching from Trump rallies outside the White House to Trump-flag flying city hall. And It was inspired by Trump’s loss and lied that the election was stolen from him.

There is also evidence to show that some pro-Trump supporters plan and plan the riots online.

Here’s McCarthy’s opinion in a more complete context:

“Most Americans don’t want indifference or retaliation,” McCarthy said, although surveys show that the vast majority of the nation agreed to impeach and dismiss Trump from office. Most Republicans, however, do not.

“They want an enduring bipartisan justice, that path still exists. But it’s not the path we are on today, that doesn’t mean the president is blameless.The president bears responsibility for Wednesday’s attack on Congress by rioters. The mob should be condemned immediately when he sees what is unfold.

“These facts require immediate action from President Trump – accepting his share of responsibility to suppress the resulting unrest and ensure that President-Electra Biden can start his tenure.” His actions were successful and the immediate action of the President deserves the action of Congress, which is why I think Setting up fact-finding commission and correcting blemishes must be thoughtful.Unfortunately, we’re not there today.

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