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House Judiciary Democrats urge DOJ to reverse decision in defense of Trump

Democrats on the House Judiciary Committee have called on the Department of Justice (DOJ) to rescind its decision to continue defending the past. President TrumpDonald TrumpJack Ciattarelli wins primary GOP in New Jersey governor’s race, House Judiciary Democrats urged DOJ to repeal Trump’s defense decision, Democrat super PAC aimed at Youngkin on voting rights. with a defamation case arising from allegations of rape by writer E. Jean Carroll.

“Yesterday, the Justice Department announced that it will continue pushing for the previous administration to represent former President Trump. At the expense of taxpayers in the defamation lawsuit brought by E. Jean Carroll, that decision seemed profoundly misunderstood. We are here to ask you to reconsider,” Democrats led by Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nalder (DN.Y.) wrote in a letter to the Attorney General. Merrick GarlandMerrick GarlandHouse Judiciary Democrats Call on DOJ to Repeal Trump’s Defense Decision Maloney presses for bill to prevent liability for opioid crisis, Senate confirms Biden’s first trial nominee.

The letter comes a day after the DOJ filed a brief petition with a federal appeals court backing the Trump administration’s argument that Trump should be nominated by a government attorney. Because his opinions about Carroll served as president.

The decision made it more likely that Carroll’s defamation case would be thrown. This is because federal law prohibits lawsuits against government officials.

Carroll, who first accused Trump of rape in June 2019, filed a defamation lawsuit against him in November after he denied the allegations and said: “She’s not my type.”

Democrats rejected the DOJ’s explanation, saying there was no link between Trump’s remarks and his role as president.

“Do we understand that federal employees are free to engage in personal misconduct for personal gain? As long as they maintain federal employment. and can publicly corroborate the justified interests of their actions,” they asked.

“President Trump’s disgusting comments about Ms. Carroll have nothing to do with his official responsibilities as president. and the whole world knows Survivor of Sexual Harassment including other victims Deserves better,” they added.

Democrats concluded the letter to Garland, asking the DOJ to reverse its stance or give a briefing explaining the reasons.

The DOJ did not immediately respond to a request for comment from The Hill.

Monday’s decision to defend Trump was the latest in a series of volleys of fire.

District Judge Lewis Kaplan, who was appointed by Clinton, thwarted the DOJ’s efforts last year. This resulted in the Trump administration appealing to the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals.

President BidenHouse Judiciary Democrat Joe Biden urges DOJ to reverse decision in defense of Trump Democratic super PAC aims Youngkin on voting rights The DOJ’s move was postponed while on the campaign trail for 2020, and the White House tried on Tuesday to distance itself from the ministry’s latest decision.

“The president strongly believes in the independence of the Justice Department.” Jane PsakiJen Psaki House Judiciary Democrats urged DOJ to reverse Trump’s defense decision, Biden spoke of reconciliation with Schumer as infrastructure talks surprised Justice, further shocking Trump’s defense.The White House press secretary told reporters. “The White House has not been consulted by the Department of Justice about its decision to submit this summary or its contents.”

Carroll expressed his displeasure with the development on Tuesday. She said she was angry but hoped Kaplan’s decision would remain.

“As women across the country are standing up and catching men responsible for the assaults, the DOJ is trying to stop me from having the same rights,” she said. I’m offended! Me and my attorneys Robbie Kaplan and Joshua Matz are confident Judge Kaplan’s decision will be confirmed by the second round.”

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