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Houston officials raided the City Hall during the riots, officials said.

Houston police officers, under investigation, were among thousands who raided the U.S. state agency last week, officials said Wednesday.

Police Chief Art Acevado said the officer, an 18-year veteran, will face a disciplinary review on Friday.Acevado said he received a complaint on Sunday that Houston officials could be in Washington to protest on Wednesday. Against President Joe Biden’s College Electoral Victory “Which is their First Amendment right?”

But Acevedo said after he contacted the FBI, a joint investigation had begun, which said officials raided on government agencies during the Jan. 6 riots.


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“This person was considered to have … penetrated into the government,” Acevedo told reporters. “There is no excuse for criminal activity, especially from the police.”

Investigators believe the officer traveled to Washington alone. He had no disciplinary problems before, the chief said.

Acevedo does not identify its employees. But in an interview with the Houston Chronicle Tam Pham confirmed he was an officer. He declined to say if he entered the Capitol.

“There were a lot of things that day,” Pham told the newspaper. “I am not right.”

Calling Pham was not returned.

Acevedo said residents emailed him photographs on Sunday night showing officials wearing a pro-Trump flag in Washington. The chief said he went to the officer’s Facebook page and confirmed it was a Houston police officer.

The video shows a police officer being crushed in a dumpster that is in pain.

“I can’t tell you the anger I felt in the minds of police and other police officers who thought they were going to storm the town hall,” Acevedo said.

He is “highly confident” officials will face federal allegations.

The call to the Houston Police Officers Union was not immediately returned, the union chief Doug Griffith told the Chronicle he expected officers to resign on Thursday.

“I’m very disappointed,” Griffith said. “If the allegation is true, he deserves the same punishment as the others. Must be punished for that. “

Acevedo said he would be surprised if officials attended a disciplinary hearing.

“He has an appointment with me on Friday, we’ll see if he shows up,” he said.

He declined to disclose further details, citing an ongoing investigation.

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Several law enforcement agencies, including in Las Vegas, New York City and Maryland, opened an investigation after being notified of personnel who might have participated in the riots.

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