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How Dalton Gomez helped design Ariana Grande’s “tasteful” wedding band?

According to Jack, Dalton emphasizes that pearls are “Emotional Special” for Ariana

Dalton, 25, finally presented his 27-year-old bride with a matching ensemble over the weekend. The couple married in front of family and a small group of friends surrounded by hundreds of white flowers in her backyard to feel the spring.

“They decided to have their wedding last weekend because their schedule was about to begin and didn’t want to wait,” a source close to Ari told E! News. News. “They both agreed there was no point to wait.”


Insiders explained that they wanted the wedding to be personal and relatively simple, even if she had celebrity status. The source added, “Ari wanted it to be simple and tasteful. What they care about is having a family there and enjoying their special time together.”

The couple revealed that they were dating in May 2020 when they got engaged, Arya posted a close-up of her pearl and diamond ring, captioning her romantic slideshow: “Forever, otherwise.”

We are now at the edge of the seat waiting for her to reveal pictures of their special day and the sentimental wedding band.

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