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How did Centner Academy become a Beacon for Anti-Vaxxers?

Centner, an avid social media user who has long used her account to document luxury lifestyles, effectively took control of the school last year amid an epidemic. She told the community that schools with preschoolers through the eighth grade focus on ‘happiness’ and support ‘medical freedom’.

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But current and past interviews with parents and teachers, as well as examining social media posts and school papers, emails, texts and videos show how wealthy and well-connected Ms. Centner brings. How resistance, vaccination and resistance came to her – embracing the everyday views of the school, transforming what was once a strong community into one bitterly different one between those who support her views on Vaccinations and those who don’t

“Every afternoon I have to explain things to my children when she comes home and says, ‘Why does the school say what you say is wrong?’ ”Iris Acosta-Zobel said, referring to the importance she gave at home. Masking and vaccination She pulled her daughter out of school on Friday.

David J. Centner, a former electronic highway operator who co-founded the school to replicate with his current wife, in writing to the question the school is listening to the family, “We have met more than 70 parents and we are delighted. That many families continue to support our mission and entrust their children, ”he said.

Sara Dagan, who has four children at school, said she was not worried about the controversy. “Everything was disproportionately destroyed,” she said. My main concern is the happiness of the children. ”

Most of the people interviewed for this article ask to remain anonymous to protect their children or their employment. Some former parents and teachers said they fear retaliation if they spoke publicly.Others declined to comment as the school had them sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Anti-vaccination policies require recently vaccinated teachers to keep their distance from students – Ms.Centner told teachers not to hug children.It sparked the frenzy that journalists asked about it during. White House briefing (The school received $ 804,375 from the Federal Paycheck Protection Program during the outbreak.) Press Secretary Jen Psaki noted that public health guidelines greatly support the coronavirus vaccination and are aimed at keeping people safe.

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