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How many people in the United States have been shot?

As the COVID-19 outbreak devastates in the United States, vaccines have begun to spread across countries and territories. Two different vaccines are produced by Pfizer-BioNTech And another one from Moderna is licensed for emergency use and is part of a widespread distribution process. The first image was received on December 14th and states are able to place new orders every week.

Maps: Where people get the coronavirus vaccine.

More COVID-19 cases were recorded this winter than previous outbreaks. Many states try to administer vaccines at the same rates as those delivered.

Information: Percent of people who received the COVID-1
9 vaccine and the rest.

Anyone 16 years or older can receive the vaccine. Pfizer-BioNTech Yes, the Moderna vaccine is licensed for adults only. The state gives the highest priority to the population at risk of getting vaccinated: medical workers, nursing home people or other long-term care facilities, imperative workers, the elderly, and people with underlying diseases that put them at risk of getting vaccinated. Seriously sick with COVID 19.

Some federal agencies manage their own distribution and vaccination processes outside of state governments. These numbers are not included in the state count.

The vaccine is distributed and administered by a federal agency.

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