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How surprised is Trey Lance 49ers, the whole league with third place overall?

John Lynch answered the phone Thursday night, with many not knowing who the 49ers’ general manager would call, a well-known gang of four headed into the 2021 NFL Draft, a group expanding to 49ers officers. Others, shortly before the official 3rd overall selection.

Trey Lance was among the people still sitting in the dark, unaware that the landline to his left was about to ring. It was a surprising sound, suggesting a fulfilling dream and an NFL career was about to begin.

“It was in a good mood for me right away,”

; said the former North Dakota State defender. “It’s a surreal feeling, especially not knowing what the situation will be, you never know until you know it.”

During that time Lynch talked, then head coach Kyle Shanahan, then owned Jed York, the weight of his success truly sank.He was the third choice at NFL Draft. The next 49ers, after years of hard work and longest job interviews, has come true.

Shanahan vowed that Lance got the feel during a Zoom call or a pro visit. It turns out he was as amazed as the rest of the 49er league.

“Has there been a hunch for a while?” Asked Shahan.

“I don’t know the coach,” said Lance. “She wouldn’t tell me. [anything]. ”

“We didn’t tell anyone, man,” said Shahan.

The Shahan got that last part right, the 49ers hiding their intentions from countless reporters, colleagues and friends asking for information hinting at their favorite options. The 49ers gave Miami two options in the future first round and third next year to move from 12th to No.3, which they know could find their backs.

Lance was a favorite of the 49ers before the deal and after, even as Lynch and Chanahan looked closely at the prospects as other top defenders, many of the media’s. Lance is believed to be not their man and the 49ers let that thread spin.

“I know how we feel about Trey all the time,” Shahan said. “Watching this happen and the viewing everyone thinks because a few people say something, that’s how you feel, we won’t. Try to fix But somehow I think that might be a good thing for us. ”

Of course, that’s because few saw the upcoming move. Lynch said he and Shahan believed they had chosen Lance for a while. But want to complete the evaluation process until meeting on Monday to keep their decisions safe.

Nothing has changed Lance is a man

Lynch and Chanahan told Jed York on Wednesday and co-chair Dr. John York on Thursday They then let the rest of the world know it during NFL Draft.

That includes a new 49ers defender.

“I think all the blessings are that we have to tell Trey Lance and Trey Lance didn’t know before,” Lynch said. [come true]I think we get to know one person who impressed us on the pitch as much as he did off the pitch and he stood out for both. That’s a lot for these people, but with Trey, that was a special moment to be able to talk to him because I thought it was really a surprise. ”

Lance said as much as a conference call, wearing the first 49ers hat to join his collection. He will get more when he comes to Santa Clara for the first time and meets new coaches and teammates during the off-season program.

Lance might be as excited about those moments as he did about the NFL Draft on Thursday night.

“I’m excited to go there and be challenged. I know this coach will push me every day, that’s what I’m really looking forward to to get out of my comfort zone again.”

Lance was accepted for an early call, although realistic hopes were high as the 49ers found a way to silence their intentions.

“It was cool because I told you again about the special deal for the players,” Lynch said. “I think he will remember that forever, I like surprises, so I think it’s great that we can keep it. In the house “

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