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How the Bears’ Darnell Mooney might help Matt Nagy’s Ryan Pace job.

As crazy as it sounds, is rookie Darnell Mooney saving Matt Nagy and Ryan Pace this year?

When asked why he believed Nagy and Pace were making meaningful moves to win the Super Bowl, George McCaskey pointed out to key personnel decisions such as drafting Mooney in the fifth round of the 2020 draft.

“We have added more talented players this year,” McCaskey said. “Darnell Mooney is a great example. The bottom draft Ryan and Matt encountered, which blossomed this year and has become an integral part of our offense.

“We need to keep doing that.”

Mooney is a player who has had a big impact on offense this year, jumping both Anthony Miller and Riley Ridley on the depth chart. He captured 61

balls over 631 yards and four touchdowns of 61.The catches broke Harlon Hill’s franchise record for a reception, mostly by a standing rookie in 1974. Fri 1954


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In fact, Mooney alone did not help Pace’s job during his tenure. Pace showed good pick-me-up in the mid-draft round. Other notable options include David Montgomery (73rd overall), Eddie Jackson (112th overall), Tarik Cohen (119th overall) and Bilal Nichols (145th overall) until the end of the This season, Javon Wims (No. 224 overall) also looks like a steal.

But for every great mid-round pick, there are dreadful early-round options that will negate it.Of course, Roquan Smith (8th overall) showed significant player earnings after the 2020 breakout campaign. But Mitchell Trubisky (2nd overall), Kevin White (seventh overall), Leonard Floyd (9th overall) are all breasts. When you have a chance to pick one of the top 10, you need to hit the impact player. Unfortunately for the Bears, Pace gets three of his four innings.

But if ever there was a position to make up for those mistakes, it was again defender Pace and at Nagy level – having failed several times to get it right.Nagy had nothing to do with signing Mike Glennon, but he was taken. Developing Trubisky, that’s a failure. He also teamed up with Pace in exchange for Nick Foles, who looks even worse than Trubisky at times this season.

For all failures, the duo will have the opportunity to work together again to correct the defender position. Perhaps they will also be hit with more mid-draft picks.

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