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How to buy Girl Scout cookies online or through Grub Hub?

Illustration for the title article You can get Girl Scout Cookies, delivered by Grub Hub.

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There is no better season than Girl Scout Cookie Season. Now it’s time to revisit your favorite fundraiser. I’m talking about Thin Mints, Caramel d-Lites, Tagalongs, and Do-si-dos. Every year, young entrepreneurial Girl Scouts are tasked with selling cookies to earn money for their homelessness. Drive cookies promote financial literacy for scouts and teach them. Modern business skills.

Today’s youth have a particularly good reputation as the tech mogul in the cookie trade.As the epidemic means that they will manage their business more and more. Through online sales– And now it’s also partnered with Grub Hub, the food delivery service. Here are the different ways you can order cookies online this year.

Use the Grub Hub

In february firstGirl Scout cookies will be available for purchase through the Grub Hub online food delivery app. Simply register or log in to the app and enter your zip code or address to find your local Girl Scout panel. Delivery will be made during 4:00 p.m. and 7:00 p.m.Every day, straight to your door. The Grub Hub service is not available in select cities only, so file App Cookie Discovery Site To see where you can send Girl Scout cookies.

Cookie Drive is about raising money for young people to go on trips, get badges, and increase life skills. For this reason, Grub Hub is waiving the fee. To make sure the homeless in the area can get full Income from your purchase.

If Grub Hub isn’t available in your city or town, don’t worry, you can still find a cookie seller in your area.

Use the Girl Scouts’ Cookie Finder app to order from your regular supplier.

Download Girl Scouts’ Cookie Finder App for Android and iOSType in your zip code and find your local theater group or scout. You want to support The app was launched five years ago to keep cookie sales growing and growing. Digital landscape and to help Girl Scouts Learn more about the modern world of online sales and business by tracking orders and managing shipments online.

As Girl Scouts’s website explains, “In this way, she has access to additional tools that teach her about marketing, budgeting, resource allocation and other critical business skills – to encourage and guide her as she experiences it. Success with cookie boss “

Take advantage of additional bonuses

When you order cookies online this year, you have the option to Donate a box or two to the frontline workers.Yes, nurses EMTs. And other first responders can enjoy it for free. Delicious cookies to appreciate the great work they made during the epidemic. If anyone deserves treatment, it is them.

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