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How to cope with the stress of ulcerative colitis

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The challenges that come with living with ulcerative colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease, can be serious. And what’s worse, the pressure put on it can trigger diarrhea, abdominal pain, and cramping. Medline Plus.

People with ulcerative colitis often need it. Lifelong treatmentBut learn to Manage stress It can help reduce the risk of pyrotechnics. Of course, there is a big difference between telling you to relax and knowing how to do it. Here, four women share what they learned about managing stress while living with ulcerative colitis.

“Avoid your stress”

Megan Starshak, 36, has been dealing with ulcerative colitis since 2002, receiving regular intravenous vaccination of A. Biology (Infusion therapy containing sugars and proteins or organisms) to keep her symptoms under control. But she knows sometimes there can be bad days where she may have up to five bowel movements. “After a very stressful day, I will notice that I have more pain and loose stools,” she says.

megan starshak ulcerative colitis

Megan Starshak is receiving routine intravenous biologic vaccinations to treat ulcerative colitis.

Megan Star Wash

One time before an important presentation, she was incredibly sick and found herself wondering if she should go to a presentation or the hospital. Fortunately, a friend came and told her that “No matter what, your life will move forward,” and her health is more important than her work obligations. “That’s the moment I kept with me,” she said. “I have learned to let go of things that are not important in the long run.”

Starshak said she was trying to plan better now when she realized there was a stressful week ahead. “Don’t wait until you’re in the middle to recognize that your stress is high,” she says. “Moving forward is important.” She recommends whichever version of stress management works for you, such as yoga or taking a walk.

“Forgive your body”

Tovah Bleakney is a mother of three boys, and she says ulcerative colitis can make it difficult to juggle the needs of parenting. During a flare-up “I had a lot of exhaustion, joint pain … I went in and out of the bathroom all day, letting my toddler have time with her normally energetic mother,” she said.

tovah bleakney ulcerative colitis

Tovah Bleakney Balances the Challenge of Ulcerative Colitis with Nurturing.

Tovah Bleakney

During the juggling work and home life, Bleakney, 38, said she “guessed a second time” what to do with it. “On days I couldn’t give 100%, I felt like a complete failure,” she said.

But Bleakney has learned that changing her mind can help. “I continually remind myself that I can’t control this,” she says. I gave it to myself and my body that day. ”Bleakney began posting daily affirmations and motivation on Instagram.“ I can remind myself and those around me to be kind and try to love myself. ” She said

“You might as well laugh!”

It has been almost ten years since Mary Elizabeth Ulliman was diagnosed with the disease, and she has learned to be prepared. “The first thing you do when you go is to think where the bathroom is,” says the 33-year-old. Always plan ahead and make sure I know the schedule, location, and meal plan. I’ll pack my own meals if needed, and I’m used to always having at least a few safe snacks with me. “

Mary Elizabeth Ulliman ulcerative colitis

Mary Elizabeth Ulliman is prepared for conditions that come with ulcerative colitis.

Mary Elizabeth Ulliman

On top of that, Ulliman keeps another bra at her desk and in her car in case of an unexpected bowel movement accident. “I always tell myself that if you don’t laugh, you will cry. You might as well be laughing, ”she said.“ However poop is always funny – I don’t care how old you are. ”

“No way to give up”

Josephine Puccia has struggled with serious symptoms such as extreme fatigue, diarrhea and malnutrition, as she was diagnosed two years ago that she felt had to quit her job at a 28-year-old mother’s health clinic. The year said she had to give up big dreams, which included going back to school to become a medical technician and having more children because of the flames. She also had to delay plans for an intimate wedding because her condition was horrible.

josephine puccia ulcerative colitis

Josephine Puccia chopped her hair in “Start over” for good health

Josephine Puccia

“Almost every day, I can’t get out of bed or get out of the bathroom,” Puccia says of a condition that often leaves her mentally and physically debilitated. “My symptoms can go from manageable to untreated from one day to the next. But I can come to terms with the fact that this disease has been with me for the rest of my life, so it’s time to learn how best to live with it. ”

Puccia says she’s focused on finding an effective remedy. “I just saw what my body was able to tolerate,” she said. Who needs me more than anyone else in the world. ”

After dealing with significant hair loss as a result of her disease, she was assertive. “I finally had the courage to cut it off and start over on my journey to forgiveness and good health,” she said. “Instead of ulcerative colitis controlling me, I was controlling ulcerative colitis. Now “

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