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How To Cross Monster Hunter Rise’s Annoying ‘Quest Complete’ Cutscenes


Just “hanging” haha
Screen shot: A. Capcom / Kotaku

When you are familiar with the basics of Monster Hunter RiseThe real game of grinding rare materials for advanced equipment can finally begin. Although usually a person will have to wait through the cut scene every time they complete a mission. But this simple trick helps players skip this vignette, reducing downtime during the hunt.

I was recognized by this secret by a competitor in a fighting game. ZerpinBut the secret quickly spread within the file. Monster Hunter Community after Get upReleased on March 26th, the technique involves hanging in mid-air with the game’s new Wirebug mechanic as the mission approaches, which for some reason it skips behind the mission.

In the video above, I show how the mission is typically summed up. Then demonstrate the easiest way to use the Wirebug trick while in the air, either by jumping from a height or jumping into the air with ZL + X.Pressing the A button will make your hunter hover above the ground. Take a few seconds Fortunately, this window is pretty generous, so it’s easy to take advantage of quests that end with a countdown as long as you set the time down.

People in Monster Hunter The subreddit notes that cut scenes cannot be played. In other situations as wellFor example, when a player runs up a wall, falls with an explosion, or is damaged by paralysis and sleep conditions.

Monster Hunter Rise It’s a brand new addition to the long-running franchise, and this trick should definitely provide even more entertainment for those experimenting with end-game devices. Then again, some mission end cut scenes involve bonding with your friends – cat and dog breeds known as Felynes and Canynes, respectively, so don’t ignore them every time you complete a mission.

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