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How to find a specific section in a YouTube video without watching to the end

Above all, YouTube has become a platform for discussions, events and educational videos. But in contrast to the text It can be difficult to find the relevant part of the clip you want to see another. that can help you find the part you need. As long as you can remember some keywords. You can use YouTube’s great transcript.

Let’s say you’re watching a long video, like Google I/O 2021, which comes in less than two hours. You remember someone making a big announcement about a new look for Android and Google apps called Material You, but you didn’t know when the company was talking about that. You can manually screen all videos until you see signs that a design is on the way. But there is an easier way. That is the use of transcripts.

The easiest way to get a transcript is through the YouTube desktop site, just open the video in question. Then look for the three horizontal dots menu below. above the description in it Turn on the transcript list. Click it and you’ll see a transcript on the right side of the video. This is because the transcript doesn’t come with a search. You will need your browser.’ search on page A tool to quickly filter through keywords. In Chrome, you can open it using the three-dot overflow menu next to the bottom bar. Find …But you can also press Ctrl+F (or Cmd+F) to open the Find dialog, then you can search.

in our example We want to learn more about the new Material You design language, the keywords we type into our search form. You can then jump from result to result by pressing the Enter key or by using the arrow keys in the search box. The transcript will automatically move to the location of the search results. and shows you when keywords are spoken in your video. click on the message and the video will automatically jump to that location.

If you are unsuccessful with your default keywords. You may need to expand the range a bit. We are lucky to have Material You in our example. But you can also try keywords like ‘design’, ‘interface’, ‘material’, etc. whatever works with your theme.

You can also access the transcript from your phone. But won’t be able to use the YouTube app for that. You will need to open youtube.com in your browser and enable it. desktop site (You can do this through the three-dot menu in the upper-right corner of Chrome.) You’ll then be able to view the appropriate desktop site on your phone. and can follow the steps above Just be warned that the experience is pretty nimble.

Almost all videos on YouTube are automatically transcribed through machine learning. And some creators even add subtitles manually. which makes this method more accurate. While some clips don’t have any subtitles, you’ll be able to use this search method for most of the content available on YouTube.

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