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How to Get $10 Credit for Amazon Prime Day

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With Amazon Prime Day coming June 21-22, the company has Spend $10 get $10 Promotion if you shop from a list of minority and veteran small business owners. Of course, Amazon benefits from this too. Because you must be a Prime member to claim $10.

Is Amazon helping small businesses?

Even if the promotion throws a few dollars into the business that it undoubtedly deserves. But he couldn’t help but raise his eyebrows at the marketing Amazon expects the company to take over. Over 50% of all ecommerce retail revenue By the end of this year, a total of nearly six times that of their closest competitor.—small mom and pop shop Known as Walmart

At the same time, Amazon faces backlash over how successful market dominance is. Because critics say the company is unfairly exploiting its gigantic size to Set goals and regularly crush the same small business owners. who now claims to be the champion I’m not surprised that Amazon’s marketing is absolutely unknown. because it is very delicate, both.

On the other hand? Ten dollars is ten dollars. If you’re already a Prime member planning to shop during Prime Day, then you It may claim additional savings and support small businesses as well. You can still be part of Prime Day without a membership (This Lifehacker post has those details).

How to get $10 Amazon credit

The deal is pretty straightforward. First you need to be a Prime member. If you are not a member yet (You can apply here). Then go straight to this page and spend at least $10 on products from the small business listing June 7-20 (Timely reminder: June 20 is Father’s Day)

Products range from homemade products to electronics. And you can search small businesses by product type, region. and unique

After you make your purchase, Amazon will send you a $10 credit confirmation email, which you can only use during the June 21-22 Prime sale. not before or after

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