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How to make picky kids eat more vegetables

Vintage black and white photo of a toddler eating a lot.  grimace  and turned away from the hand that tried to feed her with a spoon

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I love vegetables. My husband likes vegetables. My oldest son likes vegetables. And my youngest son acted like the vegetable was a solid clot of rancid poison. His pediatrician told me to be patient and he would eventually grow out of it. But this was only a week before his 13th birthday. And we’ve made little progress besides baby carrots and a little salty lettuce. And me. This makes the vegetables taste great.So it’s even more insulting.

I have tried every trick in the book. even offering a large sum of money and still Getting him to eat all his vegetables was almost impossible, however. new research From Penn State University, let me hope tonight’s dinner might be different. Because the strategy presented is very simple and clear. I feel like I should have figured it out 12 years ago (this is a normal feeling if you’re a parent).

How to deal with picky eaters

Possible solution: Serve my son twice as many vegetables as I want him to eat. When researchers at Penn State presented children with two servings of corn and broccoli, along with fish sticks, rice, applesauce and milk, the children ate an average of 68% more vegetables. press release about education After the normal vegetable control test The researchers added butter and salt to the vegetables. and found no significant difference in the amount of children ingested.

An interesting anecdote from this study that may be helpful to my long-suffering parents. Researchers intentionally served corn and broccoli alongside foods the kids liked but didn’t. that So much to make vegetables look better in comparison.

Barbara Rolls, director of the Human Eating Behavior Laboratory at Penn State, said: “We choose foods that are generally well liked. But it’s not a kid’s favorite food either.” “If you offer vegetables alongside chicken nuggets, You might be disappointed Food pairings are something you need to be aware of. because of the clarity of vegetables compared to other foods on the plate will affect the response to the portion size. You have to make sure your vegetables taste quite good compared to other foods.”

The children participating in the trial were between 3 and 5 years old, so it’s possible they were more gullible than my pre-teens. one more time Picky eating is just as much about exercise control as eating, so perhaps he still believes he wins as long as there is food left on his plate. Let me tell you that children can hardly be forced as I had hoped.

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