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How to prepare for this year’s allergy season?

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Spring allergy is coming, if it hasn’t started. Pollen from trees tends to start blowing in the wind. In early springThis was followed by pollen from the grass a month or two later. If your eyes haven’t started itching yet, there are a few things you can do to prepare.

Check with your doctor.

If you see an allergist regularly, or if you’ve never experienced one before. But should consider booking an appointment You’ll have an easier time avoiding what you’re allergic to if you know what it is, and an allergy test can help you determine if pollen is really your main problem or if your allergies are. Is it likely to be linked to mold or dust? Different trees and plants bloom at different times, so a little knowledge can help a lot to avoid allergens.

Fill up on prescription medications that may have run out of the last year. As you’re at it, ask about the best time to start the process. Antihistamines work best if you take them before you start experiencing symptoms, so some providers recommend taking your medicine about two weeks before the allergic reaction is more likely to spread. If you’re not sure what date it is, take a note for this year and set a reminder on your calendar for next year.

Spring cleaning

Dust is another common allergen, and dust can also trap pollen that is blown in or being tracked from outside. Cleaning your home can help remove those allergens, no matter what. Wear a dust mask, such as the N95 or similar, if you have one, to prevent breathing in the dust you have kicked up.

Mold spores are another common allergen, and spring rains and humid climates can increase the amount of mold in your home, so keep an eye out for mold spots on walls that need cleaning or. It is better to have mold in the trash.

In additionHold the air filter on your furnace or air conditioning system. (Several months of replacement are recommended, but check the instructions for you.) If you have an air purifier, check the filters too.

See our room-by-room tips at Prevent allergy at your home this spring.These range from small items like keeping a dog’s fur-laced with pollen off the mattress to larger items, such as considering whether it’s time to rip the carpet and switch to hardwood floors.

Look at the number of pollen grains

Pollens are most blown when they are dry. On a windy day, but the rain often washes it away temporarily. You can find pollen counts and even pollen forecasts from most weather services. Some even broke the forecast. category Get into trees, grass, and pollen (Ragweed is a fall allergy).

When the pollen is abundant, you need to stay inside with the windows closed as well as the fresh breeze.It is better for your allergies to simply use an indoor fan or turn on the air conditioner.

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