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How to Use iPhone Focus Mode in iOS 15

Apple wants users to reduce distraction with an all-new Focus Mode in iOS 15 (supported by Mac, iPad, and Apple Watch). to others when you are not available And it comes with convenient customization and automation. Let’s see how iPhone Focus works in iOS 15.

The new iPhone Focus features are an evolution of Apple’s Do Not Disturb and hopefully bring more flexibility, control, automation to your life.

whether at work or at home For driving, exercising, reading, creative time, sleeping or anything else. You can create a custom set of filters for how notifications, calls, messages, and automatic replies work on your iPhone.

iOS 1

5 is currently available in developer beta, a free iOS 15 public beta is coming in July., with the official launch for the fall of 2021

How to use iPhone Focus in iOS 15

iPhone Focus Settings

  • In iOS 15, on your iPhone or iPad, turn on Settings app
  • Above Screen Time, tap focus
  • On the Focus home screen, you’ll find Do Not Disturb, Sleep, Personal, and Work to begin with, with the option to add a custom focus mode with the + icon in the top right corner.
  • “Share across devices” is enabled by default — tap the toggle to turn it off.
    • Focus works on Mac, iPad and Apple Watch with macOS Monterey, iPadOS 15 and watchOS 8.
  • Below, you have options to customize which apps can access the focus state and how calls behave when focus is on.

Let’s take a look at the iPhone Focus settings, we’ll start with the action:

How to Use iPhone Focus in iOS 15 - Steps. Settings 1

The focus is on muting notifications and notifications. Choosing which apps and people you want to contact you/send notifications and settings when you want to enable that focus (you can also turn it on/off manually ).

But if someone wants to share something important, iOS 15 has the option to “Notify anyway”, which sends notifications through in-app such as messages.

First, you’ll need to select the contacts and apps you want to receive notifications from in the focus you’re setting up. Apple will suggest both people and apps based on the focus you’re customizing:

  • at the bottom You can allow all suggestions or “No permission” at a glance
  • In the middle, you can add contacts/apps, delete all, or tap the – icon to delete them one by one.
  • Then choose whether you want to allow “time-sensitive” notifications.
How to Use iPhone Focus in iOS 15 - Steps Setup episode 2

You can now further customize your focus with a custom page on the home screen. hidden warning sign and darken the lock screen. Above ‘Home screen’ and ‘Options’, you also have a chance to enable/disable focus state again.

How to use iPhone Focus in iOS 15 - Settings. 3

Finally, choose whether you want focus to turn on/off automatically based on your schedule, location, app usage, or via “Smart Activation”.

Return to the main focus screen in Settings to set additional focus modes for personal matters, driving, exercising, reading, or anything else you can think of.

Tap the + icon in the top right corner to create a custom iPhone Focus or use one of the suggestions.

Use iPhone Focus

  • Once you’ve set your focus It will automatically turn on when scheduled if you select that option.
    • If you haven’t set a timer, location, or app for auto on/off and skip Smart Activation. You can turn on focus mode of iPhone in Control Center. (Focus is automatically displayed in Control Center)
    • Siri support should be coming, but it’s not working in iOS 15 beta.

You’ll see an icon that activates focus on your lock screen. Notification screen, control center, and status bar

After pressing and holding the focus icon from the lock screen or notifications or in the control center You can tap to turn focus on/off or tap the three-dot icon to edit the schedule.

How to Use iPhone Focus in iOS 15 - Where to See what's enabled.

And here’s how to turn on manual focus in Control Center and quickly adjust settings:

More focus details

If you want to adjust the Do Not Disturb mode Do Not Disturb While Driving or your sleep schedule These are also in the new Focus settings in iOS 15 (Driving is a suggestion under the + icon).

Focus states that automatically reply to people when you use Focus also works with Apple’s Messages app and third-party apps. in the early beta This is not published yet But we should see developers implement this feature in the coming weeks. You can also control which apps access the focus state in that section in the property settings.

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