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How to use two monitors to improve productivity on your PC or Mac in 2021

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If you’re working on a large project that requires multiple apps at the same time, using a single screen might hinder your productivity. The more time you spend scrolling windows around or opening and closing documents, it’s better to get things done.

One way to fix this is to upgrade your workspace with two external monitors. This is a better solution than using an external monitor and your computer screen as both displays are the same size and can be set to the same height.

Connecting two high-definition displays to a computer ̵

1; especially a laptop – used to require a lot of high-end machines and cables. The process has been streamlined as technology has improved over the past few years. Below, we’ve broken down everything you need to put together a multi-monitor setup.

Using the stand Multi-Monitor

Mount it!  Dual monitor mount


Every external monitor comes with its own stand. (With one notable exception), but we recommend mounting both displays in your setup to the Dual Mount-It!

This accessory attaches to your workbench and allows you to move each monitor to its proper position. You can rotate the monitor 180 degrees (great for programming or viewing the page layout of a book or magazine), or position it in a way that reduces neck strain.

As a bonus, using this mount will free up space on your desk because you don’t have to worry about each monitor’s legs.The It’s Dual Monitor Mount works with monitors between 17 and 27 inches, each weighing up to. 22 lb

We recommend this stand above all because we had the opportunity to test the company’s one stand and were impressed with its quality. We have full confidence in our Mount-It equipment! And this should be the first component of your dual monitor setup.

NOTE: If your desk is not compatible with a Mount-It monitor stand! There is a model that can sit on top. This stand has all the same features and is available on Amazon for $ 33.99.

How to choose the right monitor for your needs?

LG 24UD58


Choosing the right display for your dual monitor setup can be difficult. We’ve got our recommendations for the best 4K monitors, best curved monitors, best monitors overall, and even the best portable monitors.The biggest limiting factor is space. Everyone likes the idea of ​​having two large monitors on their desk. But not if they take up all the space in the room.

If your desk isn’t very deep, having a large monitor can cause eye strain or make it difficult to see information on both, which would mislead the purpose of all these setups. You’ll also need a high-resolution monitor. (Also known as 4K) to make everything on your screen look as clear and crisp as possible.

Based on these parameters, we have two validation recommendations: Medium and Large, one that is best suited for the job. Any one of them will work fine and each of them can be used with Mount It! Top monitor stand

1. LG 24UD58-B 24 Inch 4K UHD IPS Monitor.

LG 24UD58-B


LG’s 24UD58-B is the best external monitor we’ve ever tried, and it’s the perfect choice for a dual display setup.

The 24-inch 4K display is large enough that you can use two apps side by side without feeling cramped. If you use video or video editing software, you will have enough space to hold all of your tools and ceilings without disrupting the project you are working on.

During our testing, we were consistently impressed with the color accuracy and overall clarity of this monitor. Text looks clear, photos and videos pop up, and the game runs smoothly. This is a good all-around monitor. If you’re planning to play games using this setting, be aware that the display operates at top speeds of 60Hz (Hertz), which means you won’t be able to play some PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series S / X games at those speeds. As soon as possible

LG 24UD58-B has three inputs: DisplayPort and two HDMI ports; All of these ports are capable of receiving video at 4K.We used the DisplayPort and HDMI ports during our testing and didn’t notice any performance differences between the two ports. We recommend using DisplayPort whenever possible, leaving the HDMI port open for game consoles, media streamer, or other devices.

You can switch between inputs or adjust other settings such as brightness and contrast using the switches below the display. It took us a few times to suspend it. But we have had no problems since then. The only downside to this monitor is its flimsy stand. But we have already suggested a solution to that problem.

If you combine a two-monitor setup, LG’s 24UD58-B is the right display for the job.

2. BenQ EL2870U

BqnQ EL2870U


If you run out of space and need a dual monitor setup with two giant screens, we recommend BenQ’s EL2870U.

The 28-inch 4K monitor has a number of quality-of-life features that help it stay ahead of the competition, starting with Eye Care, a custom technology that changes the display’s color temperature to show less blue light over the days. This fine adjustment can help reduce eyestrain and may make it easier to fall asleep.

The display runs at 60Hz and supports AMD’s FreeSync, a technology that guarantees games will run at only 1ms (milliseconds) lag.This is an essential feature if you want to play fast-paced games like a first-person shooter that needs a boost. Honest at that level

BenQ’s monitors support HDR (High Dynamic Range), a feature that makes colors look much more accurate. This is a welcome feature for professional photo or video editors who want to make their work look to life as possible.The EL2870U has three inputs: two HDMI ports and one DisplayPort, all of which can accept 4K signals.

The main reason to get this display for a dual monitor setup is the size of the monitor. You will have enough space to open multiple apps at the same time. If you’re producing 4K video, you can dedicate one display to editing and the other to view your video in its full native resolution. Viewing your content on a big screen without any loss of quality is a big improvement compared to viewing the truncated version on a laptop.

If you need two big screens for multiple setups, BenQ’s EL2870U is the right choice.

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