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How to watch Sixers at Bulls games: live streams, storylines, game time, and more.

With a win on Monday night in Chicago, the 43-21 Sixers will extend their second Eastern Conference lead to a full game. Brooklyn will wrap up a mini-series with Bucks on Tuesday.

Here are some essentials for pairing the Sixers with 26-38 Bulls:

  • When: 9 p.m. ET with Sixers Pregame Live at 8 p.m.
  • Where: United Center
  • Aired on: NBC Sports Philadelphia Plus
  • Live streams: NBCSportsPhil Philadelphia.com and MyTeams app.

Here are three storylines to watch:

Strange timing

The back-and-forth set is not the first wish of any team, however, the Sixers likely wouldn̵

7;t care much if they were in Texas after defeating Spurs in extra time. But they will return to play the Rockets on Wednesday.

“It’s just the worst scheduling of the year,” Sixers head coach Doc Rivers said on Sunday. “We’re 45 minutes away from Houston and we’re going to fly to Chicago and play in Chicago, then fly back to” Houston. ” Houston There is no reason But it is what it is. I’m sure every team has one of these two teams during the year and we’ll have to keep collecting money and winning games. ”

All Rivers start played between 34 and 36 minutes against Spurs. Ahead of Sunday’s game, he said the team’s priority in the upcoming five games in seven days is health. We’ll look at which players are sitting in Chicago.

The Bulls are hardly attached to the missing star race.

Since Nikola Vucevic’s debut for the Bulls, Chicago has been 7-14 and has been the under-10 in both offensive scoring and defense.

The Bulls have lost three games in a row, dropping to 12th in the Eastern Conference standings, 2.5 games behind the Wizards, 10th place play-in spot in Year 1 under head coach Billy Donovan, appearing to have a long shot. Now

The Zach LaVine All-Star will be released on Monday. He was cleared to join the Bulls again after being in the NBA’s health and safety protocol for the past 10 games, but Donovan said the team was on the offensive to pursue him. The Bulls are hopeful he can play Thursday against Donovan.

Vucevic also came out with right adductor tightness and Troy Brown Jr. was sidelined with a sprained left ankle.

The Sixers’ half-court offense is not a strength.

When the opponent takes care of the ball and prevents the Sixers from scoring in the transition, will the team’s offensive half-court game be good enough to win the playoffs?

It’s a valid question and one that came to mind after Spurs held the Sixties in the fourth quarter. San Antonio allowed two quick breaks throughout the night and the Sixers had plenty of late possessions with little ball and player movement.

The Sixers scored 96.6 points per 100 half-court play, according to Cleaning the Glass, ranked 15th in the league. Best in the NBA

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