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Hugh Jackman Gives Ryan Reynolds a Leading Role in ‘Deadpool 3’ – Deadline

On Saturday, Hugh Jackman took to Twitter to propose a case he appeared in. Deadpool 3 Through the New York Police

In a 34-second clip, we look at the Oscar-nominated actor as he is approached by officer John Dobkowski.When Jackman learns he has no problem with the law, he decides to Will have a little fun and continue “Discord” friendly to Deadpool Ryan Reynolds, star of many years

“Hey Ryan, you gotta get this guy. [Jackman] in Deadpool 3Even if it only took 10 minutes, it would be great, ”Jackman said Dombrowski.“ That movie was really cool. Awesome. It would blow up the box office. ”

Dombroski wrapped up his message by threatening to fool Reynolds when he came to New York City if he didn̵

7;t comply with his request.

“Agent Dobkowski offers incredibly smart career advice. @VancityReynolds, “Jackman captioned the video,” Sharing is caring. “

Launched in 2016 Deadpool Introducing a clever mercenary of the same name, played by Reynolds, who seeks revenge after a false science experiment has changed him permanently. Gained a significant fan base, including critical acclaim at the box office that followed in 2018. Deadpool 2.

Last November, Deadline was the first to tell you Wendy Molyneux and Lizzie Molyneux-Loeglin. Writing for Deadpool 3Which is still in development

We’ll have to wait and see if Jackman gets a cameo as opposed to his longtime friend Reynolds in the Marvel threequel.For now, his Twitter needs can be found below.

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