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Hunter Biden is back at Donald Trump Jr. and Lindsey Graham in ‘Kimmel’.

Jimmy Kimmel took a break from raising the president’s most hated grandchildren on Thursday to welcome the current president’s son on his late-night show for friendly, sympathetic and hilarious conversations from time to time.

Hunter Biden, who has endured the siege of the attack, had pounced his way before, during and after the 2020 election, and could one have come out stronger. Jimmy Kimmel Fresh In person this week to promote his new revealing diary. Beautiful thing.

“Do you know Donald Trump is always asking where Hunter is?” Kimmel asked in his monologue. “He’s right here in our building. He̵

7;s here all the time, it turns out “

After introducing Biden as “perhaps the most famous board member of a Ukrainian energy company of all time,” the host told him, “after reading this book, I am impressed that you are alive.”

“Yes, it’s a journey. But thank God I got through it, ”Biden replied when Kimmel joked that the book might teach you how to accidentally find and smoke, Biden added,“ I hope that’s not the message you picked up. From the book Not a way to use But please do not use it yourself. “

Kimmel said that unlike the president’s son, he never smoked a cigarette. And I find it really interesting when you write about the fact that what happens the first time you use it is what you chase after the rest of the time you use it. It was never like that for the first time. “

Biden explained that he wanted to write his book to “humanize people suffering from addiction,” but the story also serves to express humanity exclusively in the way Trump and the Republicans. Together, others have made him an evil caricature over the years. One of the Republicans is Sen. Lindsay Graham (R-SC), who Kimmel noticed was closer to Joe Biden as they served in the Senate together.

“When you talk about Lindsay Graham on the TV show that attacks you, he’s a family friend, he’s your father’s friend,” Kimmel said. Saw people doing that & rdquo;

“On top of that, it’s sad,” Biden said with a sigh, referring to his father’s senator, “uncle,” Republicans and Democrats. He added, “and I think what I hope my father can bring back is his true desire to get that venom out again. Therefore, I have deep respect for Senator Graham. And it was sad to see the way he decided not to just attack me. But must also approach politics “

Kimmel later asked Biden if it made him “crazy” when he heard people like Donald Trump Jr. say the only reason he succeeded was because he “was Biden” and ” Because of his last name “

“It was a very funny joke,” agreed Biden.

But when he tried to brush it off, saying he was trying not to “spend too much time thinking,” Kimmel said to him, “I do. I think about it all the time.”

Pressing on whether he had met Donald Trump Jr., Biden responded strangely, “Not that I know,” added, “but I’ve been in a pretty rough place.”

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