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Hunter Biden is considering writing a sequel to a sales-hitting book.

First son Hunter Biden said he was considering writing a sequel to his memoirs, “Beautiful Things,” although it has been collecting dust on bookstore shelves since publication, selling fewer than 11,000 copies in the week. First of release

The sequel, Biden explains, will focus on his relationship with wife Melissa Cohen, a South African filmmaker he met in 201

9 and married shortly after, and her role in helping him recover from his symptoms. Drug addiction

“That’s the end of the book. But one thing I feel almost obligated to speak or write about the future is where all the hard work begins, ”Biden told the Mad World podcast.

CRITICS SLAM ‘utterly inappropriate media’ after the BIDEN ADMITS HUNTER, the laptop may have belonged to him.

“You have to have someone who is ready to make sure you don’t give in to those needs 24/7,” he adds from Cohen. “That was a full-time job and I am forever grateful that she was willing to work that hard.”

When “Beautiful Things” arrived at bookstores on April 6, the book debuted at No. 12 in the Publishers Weekly Hardback List and No. 4 on The New York’s “Graphic and Electronic Documentaries”. The Times reported, he also received $ 2 million in advance for the book and only sold 10,600 copies in the first seven days.


Biden’s scandal appears to have started in 2019 when his father began running for president. Reports revealed that Biden was sitting on the board of the corrupt Ukrainian energy company Burisma Holdings, with some suggesting that then Vice President Biden intervened to have a dismissal from the investigation, which he denied. When former President Trump asked President Zelensky of Ukraine by phone to investigate a potentially damaging move, it turned into a catalyst for a hearing against the former president. Trump was eventually acquitted by the Senate for abusing his power and obstructing Congress’s accusations.

Last year, the New York Post published a report on a laptop left in a Delaware computer store that reportedly belonged to Biden, and released more information about the Ukrainian dealings, and his father just knew about it. where The report reached the peak of his father’s presidential campaign. Biden said he didn’t know for sure if the laptop was his because the addiction affected his memory.

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“Absolutely, absolutely,” he told CBS News. “Maybe there was a laptop out there that was stolen from me, maybe I had been hacked, maybe it was Russian intelligence, maybe it was. Can say that it was stolen from me “

Twitter banned the New York Post from posting from the main account for some time after the Biden laptop reported, claiming it violated the Hacked Materials policy, although there was no evidence that the emails published from Hunter’s laptop. The platform lifted its suspension after weeks of controversy, and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey would later admit in a parliamentary hearing that the decision to block the account of That post is not handled well.

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