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I just rode the most worrisome Elon Musk.

Most people may not have heard of Lucid Motors, or the first production electric vehicle (EV), the Air, which is what company CEO Peter Rawlinson admitted in a conversation we discussed last week before the studio’s opening. The company’s newest design in Manhattan’s Meatpacking District, last year I had the opportunity to see the Lucid Air in person, and the thought that I keep coming back to is that even if it’s true, it’s not. But it also had to get the attention of Tesla founder and CEO Elon Musk.

at least An impressive vehicle considering that the first to be delivered will carry a price tag of $1

61,500. And that followed the federal tax credit. Of course, at the time, what caught Musk’s attention was the fact that Lucid promised a sub-version for $70,000 almost immediately. Tesla dropped the price of the entry-level Model S. to match the price I think it’s safe to say that Lucid was attracted to Musk.

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On Tuesday, before I spoke to Rawlinson, I had the opportunity to ride a pre-production version. I’m not a car reviewer, so this isn’t a car review. I’m more interested in the strategy behind Lucid Air.

Tell me if it’s an electric car This car is considered very good. I mean, one of them has a steering wheel, which appears to be no longer available for electric cars after Tesla introduced its newest Model S with a controversial yoke. The result is the Lucid Air, a much more accessible one for things. that you actually spend a lot of money to drive

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more importantly The strategy isn’t bad either.

In fact, I think there’s a good chance that with all the electric cars that have made their appearance in the past few years, the Air is what Elon Musk and Tesla should be most concerned about. I said not just because of the car. But because of the meaning of Lucid for electric cars too.

Look, Tesla deserves credit for doing things. To make electric cars more legal than any other company ever in the United States. Tesla is synonymous with electric cars. It’s almost to the point that Google is synonymous with online search. It earned that title from selling America’s most popular electric vehicle, the Model 3.

In context, Tesla sells more Model 3s than any other electric vehicle. All together, except for another Tesla, the Model Y, no manufacturer can beat that position in selling a single luxury car.

On the other hand, one thing that caught my attention when I spoke to Rawlinson was that the company wasn’t just focused on selling cars that most of us couldn’t afford. It’s working on an electric SUV, and it’s expected to launch an affordable sedan in the next few years.

more importantly And the real reason Lucid should be on Musk’s radar, the company hopes to make its technology available to other manufacturers. to speed up the production of more diverse electric vehicles That means Lucid doesn’t just build its own EVs. but also wanting to help others build EVs. Consider that while you may not have heard of Lucid Motors, it took longer than you might expect.

The company, previously known as Atieva, already has experience producing components for third-party vehicles. It has been a manufacturer of batteries and power transmission systems for more than 10 years.

It’s also no coincidence that several Lucid executives have a wealth of experience building electric cars, including Rawlinson, who was previously chief engineer of Tesla’s Model S. “Correct all errors,” said he did with the Model S.

Rawlinson isn’t the only former Tesla engineer this past October. I spoke with Eric Bach, Lucid’s head of product, and another Tesla alumnus about the technology the company is building in its cars. It’s hard to imagine Musk hasn’t noticed that the people he hired to build the Model S, Model X and Model 3 are all working in the same effort to disrupt the market he’s used to — right now.

As a result, the company expects to raise $4.4 billion in the SPAC deal, money Rawlinson said will help the company increase production to fill more than 10,000 pre-orders. Let the company unveil the next generation, Gravity, the SUV I mentioned earlier.

I don’t think people will immediately stop buying Model 3s and go out and buy the Lucid Air. However, I think Lucid has a chance to convince a lot of people to consider electric cars in the next few years. which is always a good strategy

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