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‘I just said they were ready to work’: Xavier Johnson talks about her commitment to Indiana – Inside the Hall

Xavier Johnson has no big plans on Wednesday night to celebrate his commitment to Indiana.

“I might be playing Call of Duty Warzone for a bit,”

; said Johnson with a laugh.

Johnson is back in Fredericksburg, Virginia, where he grew up. Earlier in the day he worked in court. He also had an air conditioner installed in the car to help alleviate the heat in the spring.

Then, at 5:00 p.m., the former Pittsburgh lifeguard announced on social media that he would be moving to Indiana. He still has two years left.

“The main thing about my decision is developing and going to a program that I believe can have the greatest impact,” said Johnson on the phone Wednesday night, “and I believe it is Indiana.”

The 6ft 3in guard spent three seasons at Pittsburgh and has a 33 percent career as a 3-point shooter.His best year from the curve came in his junior season when he hit 35 percent.

Last season, Johnson led Pittsburgh both assists per game (5.7) and steals per game (1.3). He was also third on the team with 14.2 points per game, including a 32-point blowout. With Virginia Tech

In late February, Johnson announced he was entering the transfer portal. A couple of days ago, Johnson launched four top Indiana schools, Baylor, Houston and St. Joseph. What helped Indiana was Johnson’s preexisting relationship with IU’s assistant coach Kenya Hunter, who remained in the IU staff last week following Archimil’s shooting. Dealer

In high school, Johnson signed a National Letter of Intent with Nebraska where his lead broker was Hunter. But before Johnson entered the University, Hunter took over as a coaching assistant at UConn.As a result, Johnson withdrew his National Letter of Intent and opted to sign Pittsburgh. Johnson and Hunter are now back together in Indiana.

“He (Hunter) always thought it was the right place for me to go in,” Johnson said. I think I can be a great asset to them in the next year. ”

Johnson also spoke with head coach Mike Woodson. Johnson believes he can fit into Woodson’s four-goal / one-off attacking system. In their conversation, Johnson was impressed with Woodson’s demeanor.

“He’s a really down-to-earth guy who cares about you on the pitch and off the court as well,” Johnson said. “He’s on and off the court. You have to go to class and do other things right. ”

Johnson said he was in touch with his new teammates. He plans to arrive in Bloomington in May.

“I can’t wait to go to Indiana and meet them face to face,” said Johnson. “… I just told them to be ready to work. The main thing I’m going to do is win. “

In his highlight tape, Johnson demonstrates excellent speed with the ability to make transitions from bounces and scoring. In the past few seasons, Indiana has not been able to consistently build for the others. In his own words, Johnson describes his game as follows:

“I have a big heart who cares about the game,” he said. “I always give everything. That’s what I expect Indiana to think of me. Always give my all “

Now he works out every day in Virginia with his trainer. Among his fitness group is former Maryland star point defender Anthony Cowan. But Johnson said he has yet to receive any advice on playing in the Big Ten.

Another aspect that Johnson can help the Huosiers is filming, one that he says he has been particularly focused on during his latest workout the Hoosiers have struggled in recent seasons to shoot. The door from outside regularly Johnson, who hit five-three in a single game last season, has high potential for scorers.

“I shoot the ball all the time,” said Johnson. “I believe I shoot the ball better than I have ever done before. I think I can still have the confidence and bring it out next year. ”

With the return of Parker Stewart and Christian Lander Woodson, there are a variety of backyard options. Johnson, who has played college basketball for three seasons, has once again added veteran status along with his senior with Rob Pinice. Overall, Johnson’s addition has the potential to address some of Indiana’s most pressing problems in filming and staging.

As he will have to adjust to a new campus soon, one aspect of Bloomington’s move from Pittsburgh Johnson won’t worry, he said, is adjusting to Pittsburgh’s frigid temperatures.

“There will be no difference,” said Johnson with a laugh.

But on the rest of Wednesday night, to celebrate it all, he might be playing Call of Duty on his PlayStation 4.

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