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Identify the COVID outbreak in Yakima, Sunnyside | Local

Two COVID-19 outbreaks, one in Yakima and one in Sunnyside. Emphasize the importance of vaccination and follow public health advice. Yakima Health District said at a news conference on Friday.

Forty-five people tested positive at Gilbert Orchards 10804 Gilbert Road in Yakima, a learning district on Thursday, according to the release. And on May 21, five patients tested positive at a long-term care facility. Prestige Care & Rehabilitation 721

Otis Ave. in Sunnyside

“This is another reminder of the importance of vaccination to prevent the spread of COVID-19,” said Melissa Sixberry. Director of the district disease control department said in a statement “The more people in the community get vaccinated, the better. The less likely this virus will spread. If you have not been vaccinated It is important to follow public health advice such as masking and social distancing. Let us all do our part to make sure the community is safe.”

Tim Kovis, spokesman for the Washington State Tree Fruit Association, said workers tested positive before the vaccine was fully effective. And the situation shows that monitoring is working.

Yakima Health District has recommended that Gilbert Orchards require all employees to be tested every three to seven days. Continuously monitor employees’ symptoms. Take steps to ensure that masks are used for employees and social distancing. and set up work groups according to generations and living situations to prevent the spread of infection.

Any additional cases will be reported to the Yakima health district. The district will continue to monitor new cases and provide additional feedback, resources and advice as needed. The state Ministry of Labor and Industry has been notified and is working with the Yakima Health District.

At the Sunnyside plant, employees have set up a COVID-19 unit separate from residents and other employees, and staff members are dedicated to the area. Admissions and visits are also temporarily suspended until the infection is identified. spread of the virus longer Yakima Health District will continue to monitor. Conduct a site visit and contact with the said place every day

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