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‘Identifying bodies from the Meron Lag Ba’omer disaster could take hours’

Identifying 45 people during the Meron stampede could take hours, experts from the Institute of Forensic Science.So far, 32 victims have been identified, the institute said at about 7:15 p.m. Friday in Of these, 22 people were released for burial. At the behest of the Chief Rabbi of Israel, no more bodies will be released until Shabbat. “The staff are working with dedication and delicacy in completing the identification,” Institute head Dr. Chen Kugel said earlier that day. But it must be understood that this is a complex and delicate process and that we must act responsibly so that God forbids avoiding that fateful mistake. Details are collected from family members and fingerprints, dental examinations, CT scans, and even DNA tests from time to time.The institute said they have added staff to manage the process and their expert team is encouraged. By social workers who can follow each person The family went through a delicate and tragic process. In addition, the institute also had rabbis that could meet with the deceased.

“At the end of the Shabbat we will be further improved,”

; the institute said in a statement. “We share the sorrows of the family”

In addition to the dead, more than 150 people were injured Thursday night in the northern Meron Cave, as tens of thousands of Israelites gathered to celebrate the Jewish holiday dragged Baummer.

“This is a time to hug the family and help them find people they love,” President Ruwen Rivlin said on Friday.

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