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Illegal immigrant killed by border patrol car near Texas border

Two immigrant men were attacked and one was killed by border patrol vehicles following live footprints on a known smuggling route in southern Texas, announced Saturday.

Border Patrol Officials (BPA) near Kingsville, Texas, were tracking prints through tall grass and vegetation on foot and in vehicles Thursday when they found two groups of immigrants at Separate

A third group reportedly emerged after digging themselves in the tall grass to tell officers that two men had been driven over by a car.

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One injured immigrant sent officers to another injured Honduran man at the time, a BPA Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) at the scene, immediately approached the evacue.

An air ambulance was called for one of the immigrants who was flying to a hospital in Harlingen, Texas, where he was released that day after medical personnel said he had not suffered any serious injuries. The second injured surrendered to his injury.

“A preliminary investigation indicated that BPAs were not known to have been buried in the grass and that anyone had been driven over by a car until informed by an immigrant,”

; the CBP said.

Cross border crossings in the southern United States nearly tripled from this period last year, with more than 550,000 border encounters, according to CBP, most of them single adults.

The Biden administration has been harshly criticized by Republicans on the slopes, who believe President Biden’s campaign pledges to abolish Trump’s immigration policy have led to more immigration.

Immigrants trying to cross the border illegally remain in Mexico or the country of origin while they await the asylum trial under Section 42 during the coronavirus outbreak.

But the Biden’s administration wants to use a humanitarian exception to avoid an order imposed by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in March 2020 that would allow at-risk immigrants awaiting trial asylum in the United States.

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While single adults and their families are still expelled from the United States during this time, unaccompanied children are regulated by CBP and Health and Human Services (HHS).

The arrivals of unaccompanied minors increased 163 percent, with more than 47,600 visitors this year, compared with the nearly 18,100 unaccompanied children who arrived last year.

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