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‘Impossible’ to take action: NYC bar owner blames Cuomo’s coronavirus change rules

The New York government’s Andrew Cuomo told the coronavirus blockade and regulation “making it impossible for us to take action,” a New York City bar owner told “Newsroom of America” ​​on Thursday

As part of his annual speech, the Democratic governor raised eyebrows on Monday to condemn the economic restrictions his administration imposed in response to the outbreak. Of the corona virus

New York restaurants more SUE CUOMO than the state’s constantly changing diet rules.

“We can’t shut down until the vaccine reaches critical mass,”

; Cuomo said. “The cost is too high, we won’t have anything left to open. But we have to do it wisely and safely. ”

Erin Bellard, owner of E’s Bar on the Upper West Side, was not happy with the governor’s response.

“His plans seem arbitrary and uncertain right now,” Bellard told co-host Sandra Smith. “It’s one thing to think about a quick test before you go. It’s a sporting event because you got that ticket three weeks in advance and something completely different to think about the test before you meet your friends for a burger at a pub near you. ”


Cuomo in his address also claimed that his state was receiving “Basic fairness” from DC as elected President Joe Biden just a week after entering the White House.

“With a new president, a new senate and a new member of the House of Representatives, I believe they will act fairly,” Kuomo said, adding that. “If Washington tells New York to die effectively again, I will be shocked.”

The restaurant owner says business “Impossible” without knowing which way the commander will swing

“We have been shut down or restricted for more than 10 months at this point and the assistance we receive in the form of EIDL and PPP loans is aimed at a slight delay. Take the debt thinking that within a few months we can open up to be able to generate our own income, “she said.

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She encouraged Congress to pass the Restaurant Bill, a bill that offers direct assistance to establishments like hers affected by the outbreak.

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