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In case of COVID increases

LIHU’E – Community transmission and cases of COVID-19 among children are on the rise in Kaua’i.

Thursday, the Department of Health, Kaua’i District Public Health Office, reported 13 new cases of COVID-19, 10 of which were taken from the community.

“We are observing unrelated and acquired infections from communities across the island,” Mayor Derek Kawakami said Thursday. we”

All of the new cases on Thursday were in Cao Island residents, including five children and eight adults. Three cases involved traveling between islands. As a result, the total number of active cases for the county has increased to 43.

DOH Kaua̵

7;i District Health Officer Dr. Janet Berreman said Wednesday night there were 47 cases on the island, 45 of them being residents.

Of these, 32 income came locally and was not related to travel.

“This tells us that the virus is now widespread in our community. This is the first time we’ve met Kaua’i, ”Berreman said.“ Fifteen out of 47 have left the island. Two thirds of the travelers were infected while traveling between the islands. The third came from a trip on the mainland. “

Berreman reported that seventeen out of 47 were minors.

“Some people may misunderstand that a child cannot get the disease,” Berreman said. The best way to prevent this is to get everyone in your family 16 and older to get vaccinated. ”

The county reports that there is no referral in schools at this time, “so self-learning is low risk,” Berreman said.

As for vaccination status, Berreman said four out of 47 people were fully vaccinated. Two out of four people had no symptoms at all. But it was tested positive and two had mild symptoms.

“We know vaccines are not 100% effective in preventing disease. But it provides a very high level of protection – and for the few infected, even having the vaccine is unlikely to become seriously ill, ”she said.

Earlier this month, the county reported the detection of two viruses, the B1429, also known as the California Variant and the B117, also known as the UK Variant.Berreman said testing for the variant was underway in the current case.

“Although we do not yet have test results for variables But we expect our current case to include these same variables, ”Berreman said.

Wednesday, DOH tested 362 people, Kawakami said was above average, resulting in more catches.

As of Thursday afternoon, the county remained level 4 with the least restrictions, helping most businesses, events and gatherings continue with little restrictions.

When the county is affected in more than two cases on the seven consecutive days average for all new cases or a positive test result rate above 1%, there is a transition to Level 3, which closes the team sport. Both outdoor and indoor increase the limits of assembly.

The island’s cumulative case totals are 283, including 246 that have been confirmed, twice and 35 have been tested off the island. But will report after arrival


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