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In the new book, Boehner said he regrets Clinton’s lawsuit.

WASHINGTON – Former Ohio Republican spokesman John Bohner said in a new memoir that he regrets supporting the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, calling it an attack on the partisan he is now. Want him to refuse

In his book On the House: A Washington Memoir, a copy received from The New York Times, Boehner blamed Texas Rep. Tom DeLay, then the No. 2 Republican who led the political campaign. resist Clinton has a relationship with Monica Lewinsky, an intern in the White House.

The Republican-led House voted to impeach Clinton for two counts in 1

998.He was acquitted of the Senate.

“In my view, Republicans accused him for one reason and only for one reason – because a Tom Delay advised us very seriously,” Mr Bohner wrote. It will give us a seat in the House of Commons. This will all be a big political victory and he believes enough in the membership and base of the GOP that this is true.

“I was on board at that time,” Mr. Boehner continued. “I wouldn’t pretend to be anything else. But regret now I regret not fighting it. “

The cover of Mr Boehner’s memoirs is a photograph of the former speaker holding a Merlot glass with a cigarette in the ashtray beside him, his natural residence for decades. It is filled with colorful stories from his time in Congress.

He doesn’t have to punch for the person he sees as the far-right bomber in the party. (He recorded several particularly harsh insults for Senator Ted Cruz of Texas), and he condemned Donald J. Trump. Trump was stingy, saying that the former president now The Republicans were taken over by “hitting jobs”.

“Trump’s refusal to accept the election results of Mr Trump is not just the outcome of the election.” But it only made the Republican Senate pay. It also leads to the violence of the crowd, ”wrote Mr Bohner.

Mr Boehner also details Capitol Hill’s most talked about exchange records, including the time when Republican Representative Don Young of Alaska drew a knife at Mr Boehner on the floor after giving a speech about the project. Love Alaska.

“Sometimes I can still feel my throat,” Mr Bohner wrote. (After that, the two will fix things up and Mr. Boehner will act as the best man at Mr.Young’s wedding.)

Mr Boehner also recounted a confrontation in his office at Mark Meadows, then Republican Representative from North Carolina and the leader of the right-wing Freedom Caucus, kneeling to ask for forgiveness after an attempted coup d’état. Politics with Mr. Boehner failed.

“Shortly after the vote – a vote like many of the Freedom Caucus efforts ended in pitiful failures – I was told that Meadows wanted to meet me one-on-one,” recalls Mr Boehner. Realized, he dropped the sofa and knelt down. Right there on my carpet That’s the first time His hands came together in front of him as if he was going to pray. ‘Mr. Speaker, please forgive me. ‘He said or spoke about the impact. “

Mr Boehner said he was wondering at the moment what “Mr. Meadows’ elite and uncompromising Freedom Caucus fighters would bring tears to their stellar organizers. But that’s not my problem. “

Mr Bohner looked down at the man who would later become Trump’s chief of staff.

“It took me a long time and slowly dragged a cigarette on the camel,” he wrote. I looked at my flock of camels on the table next to me and looked down at him and asked. (As if I didn’t know): ‘For what?’ “

Maggie Haberman Supporting reporting from New York

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