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In the state of New Jersey, 223 cases of the coronavirus were found dead in New Jersey as the Memorial weekend continued.

New Jersey on Sunday reported another story. 223 confirmed coronavirus cases and seven additional deaths as the state continued over the first holiday weekend as indoor masks and social distance requirements were lifted. Here

Sunday’s numbers bring in all confirmed patients in New Jersey. 887,527 And a total of 26,207 people have died in nearly 15 months since the first case was reported on March 4, 2020.

This comes to be more 4 million people living, working or studying in the state are now fully vaccinated against COVID-1

9 at the New Jersey site, including 91,404. Non-state residents who are vaccinated in New Jersey Another 167,696 New Jersey residents have been vaccinated in other states.

The state has set a goal of having 70% of the 6.9 million New Jersey adults vaccinated by the end of June. So far, about 56% have been fully vaccinated, while children younger than 12 are eligible to be vaccinated.More than 228,300 children aged 12 to 17 have been vaccinated in New Jersey.

More than 4.9 million people received their first drug, at least at the New Jersey site – about 53% of the 9.2 million residents of the state.

For the first time since March, bars, restaurants, retailers, cinemas, gyms, churches and more can still operate at full capacity when states end the rule that they must maintain a distance between patrons or groups of 6. Business feet are still allowed to require employees or customers to wear masks. But it is no longer a statewide rule.

The change came before Memorial Day weekend, with crowds lining up at bars and restaurants over the holidays.

While unvaccinated people continue to be vigorously urged to wear masks in public places, New Jersey’s shift to following federal recommendations on masks is based on the honor system by No vaccination checks or checks.

New Jersey’s coronavirus count is steadily declining as vaccination continues.The state’s seven-day average for the newly confirmed COVID-19 test is now 324 – a 38 percent drop from the week. Last month and 82% from last month

There were 507 cases of COVID-19. It was hospitalized nationwide as of Saturday night, the lowest number since Oct. 4.Overall, hospitalizations for the virus fell 87 percent due to a second wave of New Jersey cases. There were 3,873 people who were sick on December 22.

The rate of data transmission across the state is slightly lower. 0.79 from 0.81 days ago, it was 0.75 on Wednesday, but any number below 1 indicates that the outbreak is slowly occurring and each new case will lead to less than one additional case.

New Jersey, the epicenter of the early spread of the coronavirus, has conducted 14.2 million PCR tests in more than 15 months since the state first reported the case.

There are also 128,608. A positive antigen test during an outbreak. These cases are considered likely, and health officials warn that a positive antigen test may overlap with a confirmed PCR test, as it is sometimes given in parallel.

The number of deaths was 26,207 from COVID-19-related complications, including 23,537 confirmed deaths and 2,670 deaths considered probable. The probable deaths, which were resolved weekly, increased by 10 on Wednesday.

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There were 507 patients with confirmed or suspected COVID-19 hospitalizations in New Jersey hospitals as of Saturday night, 52 fewer than the previous night, according to state data.

This included 108 critically or seriously ill patients (13 fewer than the night before), with 67 ventilators (fewer than six).

have 76 COVID-19 patients Discharged on Saturday

By comparison, hospitalizations were more than 8,300 in the first wave of outbreaks in April 2020 and more than 3,800 in the second wave in December.

School case

The state of New Jersey reported 281 school coronavirus outbreaks that resulted in 1,263 cases among students, teachers and school staff this school year, according to state data.

The state defines the school epidemic to be cases where contact followers identified two or more students or school officials arresting or sending COVID-19 in the classroom or during academic activities at the school. These figures do not include students or staff believed to have been infected outside the school or instances that cannot be verified as a school outbreak.

There are approximately 1.4 million students and teachers in public schools across the state, although teaching methods in the midst of the epidemic vary, with some self-taught schools using a hybrid format, others remain in All remote

Murphy announced last week, his executive order allowing virtual learning in New Jersey during the epidemic will not be renewed beyond this school year, ending options for. The official fall of virtual learning

But the governor said on Monday students will still be required to wear masks when the next school year begins.

Declining age

By age, those aged 30 to 49 accounted for the percentage of New Jersey residents who were most infected with the virus (30.9%), followed by 50-64 (22.4%) 18-29 (19.9%) 65 -79 (10. %), 5-17 (10.1%), 80 or more (4.4%) and 0-4 (2.1%).

On average, the virus is dangerous for older residents, especially those with a previous illness. Nearly half of the state’s deaths from COVID-19 were among residents 80 years and older (45.5%), followed by 65-79 (33.7%), 50-64 (16.3%), 30-. 49 (4.1%), 18-29 (0.4%), 5-17 (0%) and 0-4 (0%).

At least 8,054 of the state’s COVID-19 deaths belong to residents and staff in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities, according to state data.

There were 136 outbreaks, resulting in 1,282 cases among residents and 1,992 among staff. These numbers have slowed down as vaccination continues in place.

Global numbers

As of Sunday afternoon, there were more than 170 million positive COVID-19 tests worldwide, according to Johns Hopkins University counts.More than 3.5 million people died from complications related to COVID-19. Coronavirus

The United States reported the highest number of cases of more than 33.2 million and the highest number of deaths at more than 594,000.

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