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India has seen a record increase in people infected with the virus.

NEW DELHI (AP) – India reported a record second increase in cases of the novel coronavirus in four days on Wednesday, while New Delhi, Mumbai and dozens of other cities announced that there were no cases of coronavirus. They are enforcing curfews in an effort to slow the rising infection.

The coronavirus cases have increased by 115,736 in the past 24 hours, with 103,844 cases reported on Sunday. The death toll has risen by 630 in the past 24 hours, the highest since November, bringing the country’s total death toll to 166,177 since the outbreak.

So far, the federal government has refused to impose a nationwide blockade to the latest power protection. But they have asked states to decide on local restrictions.

“The epidemic is not over and there is no scope for satisfaction,”

; Health Minister Harshwarthan said on Twitter. He urged people to get vaccinated.

India now has more than 78,000 cases of the virus on average seven days and 12.8 million cases have been reported since the outbreak, the highest after the United States and Brazil.

While 85 million Indians have received at least one vaccine against the coronavirus, only 11 million receive both.

Due to the increase in infections, India has now slowed the export of large quantities of vaccines. 64.5 million doses have been shipped.

Experts say the spike, worse than last year’s peak in mid-September, was due to increased inattention, social distancing and masking in public spaces.

While health officials continue to warn about public gatherings, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his party leader continue to hold mammoth rallies in several states running local elections.

While on the trail of a campaign Tuesday in West Bengal, Modi was seen waving to a maskless supporter from his car.

His government also allows for a long-running Hindu festival that attracts tens of thousands of Hindus daily to visit the banks of the Ganges River in northern Uttarakhand.

Among other developments in the Asia Pacific region:

– North Korea continues to claim the perfect coronavirus record in its latest World Health Organization report. At the start of the epidemic, North Korea described its anti-virus efforts as a “matter of national existence.” It closed borders, banned tourists and evicted diplomats. Strict and quarantined tens of thousands of people who showed signs But it continued to say no cases of COVID-19 were found, a widely suspected claim, in an email to The Associated Press on Wednesday, said Edwin Salvador, a representative of the World Health Organization for North Korea. The northern unit reportedly tested 23,121 people for the coronavirus from the start of the epidemic through April 1, and all results were negative. Salvador said the North said 732 people were tested between March 26 and April 1, WHO officials said the North had not provided the unit with the number of people quarantined with suspicious symptoms. Longer United Nations jobs

– South Korea reported 668 new coronavirus cases, the highest daily increase in nearly three months due to further growing concerns and the slow launch of the vaccine. Figures released by Korea’s Office for Disease Control and Prevention on Wednesday resulted in 106,898 deaths, including 1,756 deaths, most of the new cases in the Seoul area and other major cities, officials previously confirmed. The wait-and-see approach is possible in South Korea’s vaccine release, as the country’s outbreak is not as bad as in America and Europe. They now say they are considering all possible measures to prevent a shortage and are still considering whether they will consider inhibiting the export of AstraZeneca images produced by local company SK Bioscience.

– Faced with criticism of delayed vaccine release, Australia’s Prime Minister Scott Morrison said his country has struggled to receive contracted vaccines from Europe. He said Australia’s contracted volumes of more than 3 million AstraZeneca vaccines have yet to arrive – but they should not be used as he criticized the European Union. That’s not a dispute It’s not a conflict It’s not a matter of arguing. It’s not a collision It’s just a simple fact, and I am simply explaining to the Australian public that supply problems are limited and constrained, especially in recent months the overall rollout of vaccines. ”Morrison Told reporters in Canberra He said he would write another letter to the EU and AstraZeneca asked them to submit their entire vaccine dose. Morrison said some of the drugs would be sent to help Papua New Guinea neighbors deal with the virus outbreak. In March, Europe stopped vaccinating about 250,000 vaccines to Australia over concerns about a European supply shortage.

– Nepal returned to its COVID-19 vaccine on Wednesday with a Chinese donation of vaccine. Himalayan countries started a vaccination campaign in January with AstraZeneca vaccine made by the Serum Institute in India, but production was suspended after India cut supply. China donated 800,000 doses of the Sinopharm vaccine it flown last month. India gave the first 1 million doses of AstraZeneca vaccines and Nepal bought another 2 million from the company.However, the company had only supplied 1 million and half deliveries were delayed by the company.

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