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Indian courts have urged the government to take action when hospitals request help.

NEW DELHI (AP) – As India’s hospitals have struggled to provide adequate oxygen and many COVID-19 cases have died amid a shortage, a court in New Delhi said it would begin punishing government officials. Who cannot deliver life-saving items

On Sunday, India saw a slight decline in new infections, with 392,488 from a peak of 401,993 in the previous 24 hours. In addition, 3,689 additional deaths were reported, representing 215,542.Experts believe both figures are lower.

Governments use the railways, the Air Force and the Navy to accelerate oxygen tankers to the worst-hit areas where overcrowded hospitals have been unable to cope with the unprecedented suffocation. Before

Twelve people with COVID-1

9, including highly oxygenated doctors, died Saturday in a hospital in New Delhi after 80 days of supplies were sold out, SCL Gupta, director of Batra Hospital. Said SCL Gupta, the director of the Batra Hospital.

The Times of India reported 16 more deaths in two hospitals in southern Andhra Pradesh and six at Gurgaon Hospital in New Delhi due to lack of oxygen.

As the government was unable to maintain a stable supply of oxygen, hospital officials asked a court to intervene in the Indian capital, which has been extended for a week to curb the wave of infection.

“Overhead flooding is enough,” the New Delhi High Court said, and will begin punishing government officials for the lack of oxygen to hospitals.

“ We can’t have people dying, ” Judges Vipin Sanghi and Rekha Patil said.

The court said it would begin a blasphemy hearing.

New Delhi has killed 412 in the past 24 hours, the highest since the outbreak began.

The Army opened a hospital to civilians to curb a massive humanitarian crisis. Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government also gave the army emergency financial power, set up new detention centers and hospitals and purchase equipment.

The military has also called 600 doctors who have retired in recent years. The Navy has sent 200 nursing assistants to civilian hospitals, the government statement said.

On Saturday, India said all adults aged 18 and over were able to take pictures. Since January, nearly 10% of Indians have received one dose, but only 1.5% have received both, although the country is one of the world’s largest producers of vaccines.

So far, India has vaccinated more than 156 million times, some states have said they are inadequate for everyone, and even ongoing efforts to vaccinate people over 45 have taken place.

The United States, Britain, Germany and a number of other countries are rushing to implement rapid viral and oxygen testing therapy to India, along with some materials needed by India to boost production of the COVID-19 vaccine in the country.

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